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Amstur.com is one of the leading Caviar brands located in United Arab Emirates (UAE). They need a customized product detail page and checkout experience that reflects the luxurious feel of the brand.

Their Caviar products are sold in different weight, with varying price points. It would be confusing for users if each weight is sold in as a separate product. The solution is to use bundled product with different price points and customized the view so it looks like one single product with different prices when you click on the weights of the products.

Users also have the options to add gift box, which will add a fixed fee into the product. After you add the product to cart, you can ‘Add Personalized Message’, where you can see a convenient editor with a preview left side of the text box. The handwriting text is generated using a handwriting like font. We have to make sure padding works well especially for messages with many characters on it.

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