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XML & HTML Sitemap is important for your website which makes Search Engine to crawl and Index your Website URLs. Using this extension you can make your website communicate quickly and in a proper way with the search engine. Index your webpages faster and improve SEO on Google and other major search engines.

Key Features

Generate Multiple XML Sitemaps

You can generate multiple XML Sitemaps using this extension which help Search Engine to crawl easily.

Include / Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs From XML Sitemap

You can hide or show Products, CMS & other URLs from XML Sitemap anytime which you don’t want to index by the Search Engine.

Configure Priorities & Change Frequency and Other Details for Each Type of Page

You can change frequencies, last modified date for each URL type. URL types such as • Products • Categories • CMS Pages • Additional Links

Setup Cronjob to Automatically Add New URLs to Sitemap

You can set a Cron Job feature which will keep all your Sitemap updated automatically. Adding new products, categories, and CMS URLs to the existing sitemap itself. You can run Cronjob on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

Generate HTML Sitemap

Using this extension you can create HTML Sitemap separately.HTML Sitemap help users to navigate on your website.

Categorize URLs by Alphabetical Order and Type (Product, Category, CMS)

You can categorize products Alphabetically and Product Type which will help your customers to find different products on your website.

Include / Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from HTML Sitemap

You can add/remove URLs of Products Category CMS and any other page using HTML Sitemap also.

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