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Using structured data help Google to understand your content in a better way and it shows more information about your Site on its SERPs. Use rich snippets and show more site information on SERPs. Which significantly increase traffic to your Store.

Key Features

Add Website and Corporate Schema Tags

By using this extension you can add Schema Tags which return more informative results.

Add Schema Tags for Local Business

It will help you to add your local business information to get more traffic on your Store.

Enable Product Schema Tags (Ratings, Price, Stock, Etc)

To attract more customers you can add Structured Data to show Ratings, Price, etc in SERPs.

Add Schema Tags to Show Breadcrumbs & Search Box

Showing Breadcrumbs will help users to understand your Website Hierarchy. And adding a Search Box is always good to find the right Products easily on your Store.

Highlight Social Profiles in Search Engines

Social Profile is another way to engage with your customers. You can show your Social Media Profiles also using this extension.

Add Schema Tags for Carousels

An elegant carousel display helps showcase your blogs/articles next to your Google search engine results.

Bonus Features – Tags for Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Card

You can enable tags for Twitter and Facebook Open graph which fetch images when it shares on Twitter and Facebook.

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