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Jamersan engaged with world-renowned branding agency Cramer-Krasselt to launch Tikibrand.com using Magento Enterprise Edition.

The Tiki™ brand has really been brought to life, with a home page that uses embedded background videos. The videos on this page are lazy-loaded after other crucial page elements, which allows the site to maintain its speed without sacrificing the video-powered effect that Tiki wanted to showcase their brand. These videos also have fallback images that both provide a temporary image while the video is loading but also ensure the user experience should the video not load.

Jamersan worked with Tiki’s in-house development team to fully automate the bi-directional flow of information from the Magento website into Tiki’s back-office suite. Tiki’s back-office suite for functionality like product information (PIM) and order management is currently in a state of flux as they move from several third-party and custom written systems to SAP. As a result, our integration utilizes numerous custom written APIs. These APIs allow their in-house development team to incrementally migrate back-office functionality by simply updating APIs instead of modifying code on their eCommerce site.

Tiki’s site includes integrations with these services:

Avalara (sales tax automation) Bazaarvoice (site reviews, customer content) Cybersource (payment management, gateway)

To improve performance of the site, we setup Redis to improve Magento’s caching as well as utilizing Gulp build tools to minimize front-end assets.

Jamersan is continuously working with Tiki to identify areas of refinement and additional functionality that enables them to grow their brand.

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