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Kiravans 1 month ago

Migration from M1 Enterprise to M2 open source as well as Backend work completed through the build

Fera 1 month ago

Completion of an initial full spectrum audit, and the continued support and enhancements including an upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2

Walkwear 1 month ago

A full Backend build with integrations to an ERM called mosaic.

Mosaic handles updating product stock, prices and exporting orders

Fossfeeds 1 month ago

Full implementation of multiple 3rd party stock management erps. All custom Back-end functionality and helping shape internal toolkit module for the future.

Techbuyer 1 year ago

I completed a front to back full build on Techbuyer. This was additionally in the early life cycle of Magento 2's release resulting in constant change and close management of the project.

How to define and measure the right performance indictors in Magento

A detailed blog post on optimising speed in Magento

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