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Funfest Holiday Clubs 2 weeks ago

Magento 1.9

• Custom booking and scheduling system

• Admin interface for creating schedule

• Custom order process for capturing additional information

• Registers and custom reports for holiday club operators

• Multi-store

Magento 1.9

• B2B • Quick Order

Magento 1.9 website

• Custom warehouse and stock management

• Amazon, ebay integration using M2e Pro

Eventually they moved to a PeopleVox integration for their warehouse

A chat with Kalen where we deep dived into Google Analytics and discussed things like Google Enhanced Ecommerce

Talk given at Brighton SEO, UK in September 2018.
This talk demonstrated some basics around using Google Data Studio to automate reporting. Slides: Listen to the podcast recording: Talk Description: I love to see the reaction that people have when they see how powerful and easy Datastudio is and how it can make their job a lot easier. We will do a joint dive into Datastudio for those that have never built their own dashboards before. We will build a fun real time dashboard during the talk and along the way I will explain and demo some key concepts to help you start building your own dashes.

I have been actively involved in the creation of a CX or CEM ( Customer Experience Management) platform for a private firm CX One that specialises in providing the necessary tools and technologies to their clients that help them improve their customer's experience. I have played various roles in the project from the initial conception to the the very final beta- testing and currently working alongside the marketing team towards the launch of the product. The entire development of this project has been an amazing experience in terms of technical learning and refreshing some of the marketing concepts I had learned in my MBA degree back in 2003. The development of this project gave me a chance to bring myself up to speed with the newest approaches to customer service, which now off course is referred to as 'customer experience.

The project spans a number of areas that are directly and indirectly related to the activities carried out in-house by any company i.e. a physical products company or a service provider company. Some of activity areas such as provisioning and pre-customer acquisition stage activities are more indirect and fall under the sales or marketing activities of a company. A powerful CX engine must ideally encompass pre and post customer acquisition stages, whereby delivering a seamless brand experience to a customer.

Areas of Development: I would like to explain the areas of development in general as I am under an NDA oath which I am obligated to adhere to. However the areas of development can give you a scope and span of the project and key areas of customer experience management that I have contributed towards.

  1. Customer Acquisition: The CX One engine gathers, tracks the on-going marketing and customer acquisition activities. It maintains a log of the marketing messages and materials that are being utilised across the various marketing channels i.e. search marketing, direct advertising, social media, print media and so forth. It also allows to log the responses received against different themes of marketing messages. It also allows companies to roll out test marketing campaigns and gauge customer response before they can expand those campaigns and make them coherent across other processes and customer journey touch points.

  2. Customer On-boarding Stage: The on-boarding processes used by a company can be laid out and integrated on to the assets (digital platforms )in use such as booking forms, third party booking websites, and even phone registrations. The assets or staff dealing with the customer can offer the same convenience options to the customer. The goal of the CX One engine is to deliver the same great customer experience on every level.

  3. Delivery of Product & Services: A great care and a ton of thought has gone in to keeping the various components work alongside any physical product or service that goes out to a customer. The CX engine maps out all the possible sub-components that a company has to offer alongside the main product or service its delivering to its customer. The sub-components can be a user guide, informing customer about after sale services offered by the company, the after sales support options, informing customers about any potential risks or hazards associated with the use of product or anything that makes the answers or resolves any concern the customer may have after purchasing a product. The CX engine also dynamically tracks the response channels the customer happens to select. Unfortunately I can't to in to more detail on this aspect as it would surely violate my NDA. What CX One has done is nothing short of impressive to really tap in to the customers' minds and figuring out what works best for the customers.

  4. Ongoing Customer Relationship: For providing its clients with more control over ongoing customer relationships, CX One offers a great range of tracking tools that can be integrated with any company's existing infrastructure. There is a range of plugins and extensions that can be installed on to popular CMS systems and also API's for developers to integrated their own custom code with CX One's engine.

  5. Problem Resolution or Handling Complaints: Besides tracking issues reporting and problem resolution metrics there is built-in intelligence in the system to identify outlier events and notify the management to take preventive action.

  6. The Continuous Communication Loop: At any stage of customer's journey there are options available and feedback trigger mechanisms in place to provide an open communication channel to customers at all times. Issues reported go through a funnel prior to customer support and outlier events are also reported to higher management.

  7. Measure Customer Experience: There are several other add-on components that have also been developed for planning different customer experience models and ROI estimation tools. CX is no different than any other functional wing of a business that incurs costs and requires a tremendous amount of effort to champion. Experts are now calling 'customer experience' the holy grail of business development and marketing and that's for a reason.

If you enjoyed reading about this project and have a similar project in the works, then do get in touch. I would be glad to offer my services and experience at a reasonable cost.

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