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M2 React Checkout 3 months ago

At Integer_net we needed to rebuild a checkout for a client that was moving from a custom built shop to Magento 2 Commerce. Since the default Magento 2 checkout is almost impossible to heavily customize we opted for the option to build it from scratch, using React and the default M2 API.

Client wanted a connection between their Magento 2 store and logistics partner, so that all orders, returns and stock levels would be synced automatically and instantly. I extended Magento 2 to work with the FTP server of the logistics partner and sync all the needed data between the two.

Have been doing support for SupportDesk to more than 15 different magento webshops

Custom website build 5 months ago

Shopify App to display inventory information for multiple locations.

Obelink 5 months ago

Obelink is a Magento 2 webshop in its very early stages, though the backend integrations are already moving to a high complexity ones. Connection with Magement, Akeneo and RetailVista are only few of the many ones that are about to come.

Kalkhoff Bikes 7 months ago

Kalkhoff bikes Magento 2 Enterprise build (Magento Commerce) used a lot of great techniques such as

  • ReactJS full custom React catalog
  • Custom front-end
  • Knowledge platform
  • Bluefoot page builder
BBB Cycling 7 months ago

BBB is a full Magento 2 enterprise (Magento Commerce) build with a lot of different and interesting techniques. such as

  • Elastic Search (Smile Elasticsuite) implementation
  • Custom build blog functionality
  • Fastly
  • Hosted on
  • PIM integration (InRiver) with product synchronisation
  • Multi language

Worked on this project for 4 months as Senior back-end developer and during continuous development as Lead Developer.

Cron on steroids 11 months ago

Writing cronjobs can be hard. The environment where it is executed is different. You have to make sure you cronjob doesn’t get executed multiple times. The output is hard to control. How handle errors? I’m going to show you a better way using software you already used: Jenkins.

A blogpost about how you can access your Magento (1) data from within Laravel. I used this in a migration traject where client moved from Magento 1 to a SaaS solution. This blogpost gained a lot of traction.

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