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Event in Portuguese for developers increase their networking

Desejo Oculto 3 weeks ago

Full customization of a Magento store. new modules, new themes.

This site sells fashion products for all genders and age. Along with that the UI of the website is one of a kind

This site sales painting specific to various brands, animals, things places, and people

GoodBites Snacks 2 months ago

Development of WordPress + WooCommerce store

Mascolori 2 months ago
  • Developement of Magento webshop.
  • Customer Order history module for Magento Admin.
  • Vendit POS integration.
Marketplace - Selekkt 2 months ago

Marketplace written in Magento with custom PSD2 compliant checkout flow.

  • Development of Magento webshop
  • Integration with
  • Amazon marketplace integration
  • B2B Preorder system
  • Sofort Payment method via Strype
Arduino online store 2 months ago
  • Development of Magento store.
  • Integration with Xero accounting
  • Integration with NetSuite
  • Integration with ShipWire
  • Setup of multiple website to cover global sales
  • Integration with multiple warehouses
  • Integration with external user service
  • Different checkout flows per customer type

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