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Cron on steroids 4 months ago

Writing cronjobs can be hard. The environment where it is executed is different. You have to make sure you cronjob doesn’t get executed multiple times. The output is hard to control. How handle errors? I’m going to show you a better way using software you already used: Jenkins.

Kinetico Code Audit 5 months ago

A full Magento 2 code audit including security, performance and code quality review

In 2016 we took the decision to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus to reduce the technology stack costs which had become prohibitive. The Shopify Plus template design was outsourced to an agency but the majority of the development and integration work was done in house. I also custom developed API integration tools to migrate over million's of records of orders, customers and data from Magento to Shopify using the Shopify API's. I am involved in the day to day management, devops and running of the site. is an IR 500 company with a large customer base. I custom developed the initial eCommerce site in 2006 based on Microsoft Active Server page and SQL technology. The business grew rapidly and the site eventually outgrew this technology stack. In 2012 we began developing our first Magento eCommerce site and the full project was handled by myself in-house using Enterprise Edition. ran on Magento EE from 2013 to 2017 and I was responsible for all development work, integration's, management of hosting infrastructure, security, regular updates to new versions etc.

A US-based retailer of home goods reached out looking for a way to improve their staging and deployment workflow. Their code was hosted in Bitbucket and they were excited about what Bitbucket pipelines could do for their processes. I built out a custom pipeline process to build and push code automatically to staging when code is merged to master, and added additional controls to then push the code live when they were satisfied with their testing on the staging server. Having an automated sandbox environment to test and experiment in has proved to be very beneficial for their business.

Creating a full SSL Docker Magento 2 local development environment. The server stack is Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB + Varnish. This environment allows me to quickly setup a reliable development environment running on any https:// development url, and with any possible server setup (e.g. PHP version) . This allows me to develop in an environment which is almost identical to the production server of a project.

Private White VC 1 year ago

Fresh Magento2 build to migrate the old site that was build on Magento 1.8

Magestead 2 years ago

Magestead 2.0 is the perfect development toolbox to manage and control your Magento development workflow. A command line utility that will not only get you a custom pre-configured vagrant development environment with the tools you want, but also install the latest version of Magento or Magento 2.

Phigora 1 year ago

Phigora provides the best experience in the second-hand luxury market to buy & sell pre-owned luxury watches and jewelry.

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