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People are sometimes frightened of online buying due to frauds and cheats. Providing clear and transparent documents of their purchase can help customers to trust you. Large companies are already providing standard billing documents to their customers. The question arises for small and medium scale companies. They are still finding the right procedure to build the trust of the customers.

MageComp has come up with Download Invoice PDF Extension for Magento 2. The extension allows the admin to generate invoices from the store backend. The customers are able to download invoice PDF from their My Orders section in the store frontend. The download can be carried out at any time the customer desires. Integrating the extension helps in minimizing the repetitive task of generating PDF. Enhance customer experience with download invoice PDF extension and increase brand awareness.

For any online store, order management and order processing are very important to build better relationships with the customers and gain trust. The owners face many problems to manage orders and maintain the order related database. To keep the order details secure, store owners keep on changing the order number.

Default Magento 2 provides a facility to manage order numbers. What if you want a custom order string to handle orders of your store? Custom Order Number Extension for Magento 2 allows users to set a custom format for order numbers. With custom order numbers the store owner can effortlessly manage their databases. The admin can set prefix and postfix for the order numbers. The module permits the store owners to set custom order numbers for the invoice, shipment, order, and credit memo IDs. It becomes easy for store owners to easily identify the orders and difficult for customers and competitors thus providing the security of order details.

Sometimes, there is a need to restrict not logged in customers to some pages of the website. Also, for the privacy of the store, you do not want visitors to have access to some pages. It also helps in retaining customers for a longer period of time. For this reason, there arrives a need for force login for not logged-in customers in Magento 2.

Force Login Extension for Magento 2 permits the admin to limit access to the not logged in customers. The admin can display the custom message for restriction of the access. The category pages and other CMS pages can be selected from the backend for force login. Enabling the option only to the members of the store helps to keep the privacy of the store from the B2B business. Straightforward backend management to redirect customers to the login page with a custom URL and restrict the current page.

Magento 2 OAB iPay 2 weeks ago

Magento 2 OAB iPay by Meetanshi enables integration of OAB iPay payment gateway with Magento 2 store for secure online payments.

OAB iPay is an e-payment gateway facility by Oman Arab Bank. The payment gateway is developed to improve the digital payments in Oman.

Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 OAB iPay extension that integrates the Magento 2 store with OAB iPay payment gateway for secure online payments. Using the module, the Magento 2 merchants can leverage the benefits of the OAB iPay payment gateway.

The Magento 2 OAB iPay extension used the hosted payment process where the customers need not enter their card details in the Magento 2 store. On choosing this payment method, they are redirected to the hosted page of OAB iPay where the card details are entered and the payment is processed to complete the order securely.

Install this module and improve the customer experience of the Magento 2 store today!

Benefits of Magento 2 OAB iPay:

*Secure online payments with the hosted process using OAB iPay payment gateway *Set a custom title for payment method *Display the payment method logo at the checkout step *Use alias to integrate the payment gateway with the store *Choose English or Arabic as a payment language. *Facilitates auto invoice generation *Allow the selected countries to use the payment method *Redirect the customers to OAB iPay payment gateway hosted page where the card details are to be entered to complete the payments. No card data is stored in the Magento 2 environment. *Better payment process contributing to improved customer experience.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 OAB iPay extension works in your store:

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Magento 2 PDF Catalog 1 month ago

Magento 2 PDF Catalog by Meetanshi is the best tool to create PDF catalogs for products and categories.

Offering a better shopping experience is more of a requirement than benefit when it comes to E-commerce business due to the cutthroat competition. In such scenarios, any tools that make it easier to improve the user experience are welcome.

Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 PDF Catalog extension. It allows creating PDF catalogs that prompt conversion due to its media-rich and updated content.

The feature-rich module allows you to design the PDF catalog design and access product pages easily using QR codes!

Magento 2 PDF Catalog is what you need if you are a B2B business or any type of business that offer products over multiple sales channel!

Benefits of Magento 2 PDF Catalog:

  1. Print pdf catalogs quickly
  2. Upload image for PDF cover background
  3. Select the PDF text color
  4. Add product attributes to display in PDF catalog
  5. Show custom text in the PDF footer
  6. Show the date in any required format in the header
  7. Allow catalog printing based on: o customer groups o for child product only o for child product & parent product
  8. Multiple options for the product sorting in pdf
  9. Option to order products in PDF in ascending or descending order
  10. Configure the product list view and the product grid view, set the limit of description character display and enable read more link
  11. Offers QR code to access the product pages
  12. The admin can include the selected product attribute in PDF catalog
  13. Allow printing catalog from the frontend
  14. Print the PDF catalog either in grid or list view
  15. Print the PDF catalog from the backend category page.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 PDF Catalog extension works in your store:

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Clave Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2 offers receiving secured payment from customers using the redirect payment method. The admin can set a custom title for the payment option to display on the storefront to their customers. The extension also offers the backend option to restrict the use of the Clave Payment method for specific countries. To test the functionality, the extension includes a built-in sandbox testing tool. The admin can set order status based on the payment option directly from the backend.

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Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2 enables the customers to select a physical pickup shipping method from the multiple stores available. Integrating the extension will let customers pick up their orders from your store. The seller is relaxed with the shipment process for the orders that have a store pickup shipping method. The admin can effortlessly configure locations for store pickup from the backend. The extension also provides the option to add multiple countries for store pickup. The admin can set a custom title for store pickup and a custom error message if the store pickup option is not available.

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Magento 2 Multi Vendor GST India by Meetanshi offers to automate Indian GST charges on the orders for the multi-vender Magento 2 marketplace.

The Government of India passed the Goods and Service Tax (GST) in 2017 intending to make one nation, one tax policy.

The implementation of GST for E-commerce business is a challenging task. Magento 2 Multi Vendor GST India by Meetanshi extension allows charging GST on orders based on the business category set by vendors in the store.

The module helps to calculate GST in Magento 2 store. By integrating Magento 2 Multi Vendor GST India extension, merchants can automate GST calculations.

As the Government of India has made GST mandatory for Indian businesses, this module is must-have for your Magento 2 store.

Benefits of Choosing Magento 2 Multi Vendor GST India Extension:

  • Allows adding buyer GSTIN from the frontend.

  • Offers to automate the calculation and applies a GST rate on product purchase.

  • Product prices can be set based on an inclusive or exclusive GST rate to calculate the GST amount on purchases.

  • Allows setting the minimum cost to apply set GST rate and also GST rate to apply if product prices are below the specified minimum price.

  • It has an option to set the business birthplace to make an automatic calculation and apply SGST, CGST, IGST, UTGST based on states and union territories of India.

  • Offers auto calculation and applies GST to cart subtotal on the destination address, tax rate slab and business origin.

  • The order details such as order view, invoice, credit memo, new order email, shipment and PDFs display a comprehensive bifurcation and view of GST.

  • Option to add a digital signature image and signature text to add in order invoice PDFs.

  • Allows adding GST on shipping charges.

  • Option to enable shipping GST inclusive or exclusive of GST.

  • It works smoothly in all Magento 2 product types.

  • Navigate to Reports – GST Orders Report for order-related data and to export it.

  • The PDFs of order invoices include mandatory order details such as GSTIN, PAN number, CIN, state code, HSN code, bifurcated GST amount, and digital signature.

Benefits of Choosing Magento 2 Multi Vendor GST India Extension for Vendors:

  • After adding a new vendor, the module automatically includes the fields like business origin, GSTIN, CIN, Pan Number, a signature line for the invoice pdf, and the option to upload a signature image for each vendor.

  • When the vendor adds a new product, the module includes the below fields to be set: GST Rate Minimum product price to apply GST rate GST rate to apply on products below a minimum set price Product HSN code

  • CGST, IGST, SGST and, UT GST details are displayed on the order view on each vendor’s business origin.

  • The invoice and the invoice PDFs also includes GST details for each vendor.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 Multi Vendor GST India extension works in your store.

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Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching extension auto switches customer groups based on their lifetime sales amount in Magento 2 store.

Giving benefits to the customers who purchase often from your Magento 2 stores increases brand loyalty. Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching allows the merchant to automaticaly switch the customer group based on the total sales amount.

By using this extension, the merchant can set the minimum and maximum sales amount for each customer group.

Automating the customer group switching reduces the chance of errors. Allow the loyal customers to leverage additional benefits using the Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching extension by Meetanshi!

Benefits of Choosing Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching Extension: *Encourage customers to buy more from your Magento 2 store only! *Allows the merchant to set the minimum sales amount limit for every customer-group to auto-assign to the customers. *Option to select a customer group to be assigned to the customers as soon as customers reach the lifetime sales amount. *The value will be assigned when the order is marked as “complete” and meets the minimum lifetime sales amount value.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching extension works in your store.

For more information about Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching extension, visit:

Magento 2 Coupon Code Link by Meetanshi allows generating and sharing coupon code links to the customers

E-commerce store owners generally use the discount strategy to boost their sales and attract new customers. However, one thing that is often ignored is how the offers are executed. The process to avail discounts must be easy and not confuse the customers. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Coupon Code Link extension for Magento 2 stores.

The extension allows admin to generate and share coupon code link, which on clicked, automated the coupon code application. The admin can send this link to the customers via email, share it on social media, or generate a shareable link.

The Magento 2 Coupon Code Link module offers a "Manage Coupon Code Links" grid that makes it easy to generate and send Email to customers.

Benefits of Magento 2 Coupon Code Link:

• Display success and failure message on coupon code application.
• Set the Email sender and template for the coupon code link Email
• Allows sharing the coupon code link in social media.
• Set custom text, images or any HTML content for the success or failure message for coupon code application using WYSIWYG editor.
• Check the list of all coupon codes in the "Manage Coupon Code Links" grid in the backend. Use the "Update Coupon Code Links" button to update the link list for newly generated coupon codes
• Check the number of views for every coupon code from the backend.
• Option to share the coupon code link via social media platforms
• Generate the coupon code link with redirection from the grid itself  from the admin panel
• Update the coupon code links for newly added cart price rules using the “Update Coupon Code Links” button
• Send Email to the customers with coupon code link, their name, and comment from the backend grid.
• On clicking the coupon code link from Email, social media or the shareable link, the coupon code is automatically applied.
• On the basis of the rule configured, auto-apply coupon code on the product and calculate the discount. 

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 Coupon Code Link extension works in your store.

For more information, visit

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