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Mage Titans is an event by Magento Developers for Magento Developers.

I was lucky enough to sit down with 13 of the Titans at Mage Titans and ask them about who they are, their thoughts on Magento, events and even emojis!

To introduce a new product and service offered by Ingenico ePayments, I organised a partner event at Harry Potter World in Watford. This interactive event included presentations from our senior management and our innovation team along with the chance to network with other partners, see demonstrations and learn about the future of payments. After we explored the magical world of Harry Potter, its iconic sets, and the special effect techniques. Feedback received from attendees was extremely positive.

Attended MUC17NL 5 years ago

I had the chance to spoke about my participation in MSI project and about how to develop framework-agnostic modules.

Mage Titans is an event by Magento Developers for Magento Developers.

MageHub(Rz) 6 years ago

Magento meetup for developers, who want to share their knowledge and experiences. Our aim is build and develop Magento community.

Meet Magento The Netherlands 2017 2147483647 hours 5 years ago

The first (and obvs. best) Meet Magento event in the world, kickstarted by Guido Jansen in 2009 and annually organized in our tiny orange country. The 2017 Edition will be in DeFabrique in Utrecht on May 1oth.

Akademia Magento 2016 6 years ago

Two-day workshops for students and everyone interested in creating Magento platform.

Magento 2 Seminar 6 years ago

Conference held already two times (January 22nd 2016, October 21st 2016) in The Netherlands focussing on Magento 2 only - a place for developers, merchants and solution providers to meet

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