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Development of advanced product search module based on Magento 1. Due to the nature of the products, a highly customised search was developed in order to allow customer to quickly find and identify the product attributes, tier prices, and more information. All displayed in a very convenience design.

Full development of store based on Magento 1. Requirements were to develop a functional and simple store for selling Brazilian style candies were customers can checkout in a straightforward way choosing local payment and shipping integrations.

Provide a review of current hosting environment, review server logs, New Relic and other related tools to help provide suggestions for improvements. This review will not be a code audit. However there may be indications of code level issues uncovered using New Relic, or is found during the review. At the end of the investigation phase, I will provide a report on the environment detailing the infrastructure, and calling out any areas that can be modified to expect greater stability and performance.

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