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Provide a review of current hosting environment, review server logs, New Relic and other related tools to help provide suggestions for improvements. This review will not be a code audit. However there may be indications of code level issues uncovered using New Relic, or is found during the review. At the end of the investigation phase, I will provide a report on the environment detailing the infrastructure, and calling out any areas that can be modified to expect greater stability and performance.

Onlineshop with complex API to external systems. Managing over 80000 products. Connected to 2 marketplaces.

A full featured Magento 1 Online-Store for Packaging. Build with custom design and an own fast and easy to use configuration-like product and checkout process.

BareBones WorkWear 4 years ago

Architected and developed an in-house OMS system. Helped redesign and re-launch the site on a custom responsive theme. Developed a full integration with a 3rd party shipping service to allow for seamless international shipping. Architected and implemented a Magento to RICS POS integration. Profiled, optimized and improved performance issues related to very large attribute value data sets. Installed, configured and integrated SOLR 4.x search with Magento. Architected and fully integrated with Negistics Returns service. Helped investigate and debug Mercent / Amazon merchant integration. 8 months ago

This was a full site build from the ground up on Magento EE 2.1.4. Setup includes Nginx, Varnish Cache, Redis, Load balancer, and more. Aside from a couple smaller 3rd party extensions, everything was built in-house. Like multi flat rate shipping, infinite scroll, configurable product option on simple product pages, custom gif image processing, ajax minicart, quick view, mega menu, and more. Includes custom vendor integrations such as, Netsuite and Klaviyo(ESP).

Full backend development along with custom 3rd party integrations to handle automated vendor payouts, and automated appointments dispatcher. The cart was entirely modified to handle the business needs which required the catalog to display on a single page.

YincMall A flash sale 120 hours 10 months ago

Here i assigned as a Magento Developer, and currently working on a project singly handed as a full stack developer.

Server/Database Management : Also managing server and database of projects.

Project Management : Developing new project as well as managing existing project.

Build Modules for Open Commerce 140 hours 4 years ago

This product was originally owned by Open Commerce which then sold to creative minds after I left the company.

Forklift Accessories 4 years ago

Full implementation of Magento community edition. With custom backend and front end modules. Marketing direction, SEO, performance, design, etc.

Twikrs 1 year ago

Full development and customization.

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