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Sporty's - Full Magneto 1 website build and migration to Magento 2. When hired, website was on Magento 1. Assisted in maintaining of Magento 1 website while also developing for Magento 2. 2 weeks ago

At BALMESSENCE, we believe that true beauty and good looks are not lab creations. We experienced many revolutionary beauty products and treatments, which have a short-lived effect and have a negative impact on our organism, because our largest organ - skin, absorbs what we apply on it and chemicals travel throughout the body. Chemicals mean toxins, toxins mean ageing. We came a long way to finally resist and not get caught up in the swarm of beauty and grooming products buzzling with scientific accomplishments. 2 months ago

285/5000 Migration Magento 1.7 to 1.9. Adaptation of the RWD template to the design of the customer. Connecting and customizing multiple third-party extension (voucher cross selling). Integration of Wordpress into the design of the shop. Only the content area is supplied by WordPress.

  • Upgrade from Magento version 1.9.2 to 1.9.3
  • added new theme for new customers
  • Integration of "Advanced Custom Options" Module
  • Adaptation OpenERP Module to transfer "Advanced Custom Options" in orders to ERP System
  • created price calculator to display price for choosen product options: 2 months ago
  • Backend Extra Functions (Module) and Template Modifications.
  • converted Product Options output from HTML to JSON for use with 3D Helmet Configurator
  • Different Product View Templating according to AttributeSet of Product
Educational Experience 6 months ago

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, my role included the requirements gathering and documentation, solution architecture and overseeing the execution/development

Funfest Holiday Clubs 3 months ago

Magento 1.9

• Custom booking and scheduling system

• Admin interface for creating schedule

• Custom order process for capturing additional information

• Registers and custom reports for holiday club operators

• Multi-store

Magento 1.9

• B2B • Quick Order

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