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I have developed this store for UK also integrated it with netSuite

Developed fashion store for Pakistan in magento

Online store in UK 2 days ago

I have developed this store for UK client

Let customers delete their account with the Magento Delete Account extension. No more tickets to be processed to remove the customer account. Customers can navigate to "My Account" section and request for removing their account. A confirmation link in Email will be received that will delete the account from Magento 2 store permanently.

The module makes sure that only customer and no one else can delete their account with the help of two-stage process of deletion. Moreover, it reduces admin's task to process the account removal request tickets. Admin can set the Email from which the delete confirmation Emails will be sent and select templates for the same!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Delete Account extension:

  • Enable/disable the extension from Magento backed.

  • Set the Email sender and select template for delete account confirmation Email sent to customers.

  • Customers can request deletion of their Magento customer account by checking "Delete My Account" and clicking submit button from their "My Account" section.

  • Once the delete account request is sent, customers get delete account confirmation Email to their registered Email ID to confirm permanent deletion of their Magento customer account.

  • Two stage verification process for Magento account deletion for more security.

For more details, visit

Magento Layered Navigation is designed to allow you to customize the layered navigation filter for category page and catalog search page of your website. Get more details:

Sometimes after new installation order numbering start from scratch or you willing to set your own order sequence instead of default Magento 100000001 series, But there is no such option. Magento Custom order number extension by MageComp allows the store owner to set custom sequences for 4 different sales order statuses like order number, invoice number, shipping number and credit memo that will automatically increment by default. The extension is designed to add prefix and postfix for order number to easily identify an order from a list of records.

Magento GST India 1 month ago

Magento GST India extension by Meetanshi automates the GST calculation according to the Indian government rules in Magento store.

The Indian Government introduced Goods and Service Tax(GST) to replace all other indirect taxes in the country. It is compulsory for businesses to implement the GST tax. Owing to its complex structure, Meetanshi has developed Magento GST India extension to assist Magento store admins to implement GST in the store.

Magento GST India extension integrates GST with Magento store. Automate the tax calculation in Magento store as per the Indian GST rules. Apply GST to the price of the product; a consumer who buys the product pays the GST in addition to the product price which is implemented with the module.

The business location and tax rate slabs play an important role in GST implementation but the module takes care of it. Moreover, the order documents like invoice, shipments, credit memos also include GST bifurcation in detail.

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento GST India extension:

  • Apply GST globally, category specific and product specific.
  • Allows adding buyer GSTIN from the frontend. 
  • Add GSTIN, CIN and PAN number to display in various order documents.
  • Admin can set and display the sales price of product inclusive or exclusive of the GST. 
  • Set minimum product price to apply the set GST rate. 
  • Set GST rate for the products having lesser price than the minimum set amount. 
  • Business location based CGST-SGST and IGST calculation. If the business origin meets the destination location, CGST- SGST will be charged else IGST gets charged on product purchase. 
  • Set GST rate for the product prices below the set minimum product price.
  • Automate the calculation of SGST, CGST, and IGST and add to Magento order subtotal.
  • Upload signature PDF and text to display in order invoice PDF. 
  • All the order documents i.e order view, invoice, shipment, credit memo, Emails, and PDFs include the detailed bifurcation and explanation of GST.
  • Invoice PDF includes the state name and code.
  • Apply GST in shipping charges including or excluding GST
  • The calculation of the shipping GST will be implemented considering the same rate set for GST.

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