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Animates needed a new e-commerce solution, which would, apart from the shop frontend, integrate with their ERP and a number of different API data points, and include advanced custom modules tailored for the specific needs of the business.

I first needed to understand the needs of many different stakeholders, from warehouse operators on the ground, through marketing managers and third party SaaS suppliers, to C-level executives and their visions. Working with the technical lead, we researched available technical solutions, scoped out those that we need to build from scratch, and finally proposed an overall solution which would fit the client's needs, keeping in mind time constraints and budget.

I produced a story board and a backlog which in the end came up to 250 user stories, organized in three milestones and 12 sprints. The scope of work was sucessfully delivered in time and quality.

Envia Mi Compra 2 weeks ago

A hole system integrated with many api to track package from EEUU to Uruguay and Paraguay. Very complex site. Integrated payment and shipping methods custom and a lot of custom work

Following the EU's GDPR law, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Delete Account extension that lets the customers delete their account and its details permanently from the Magento 2 store! 

Easing the task of admin, the Magento 2 Delete Account extension eliminates the process of ticket request and process for customer account deletion. The customer has to navigate to "My Account" section and request for deleting the account. The delete account confirmation link will be received in an Email which ensures that only the verified customer can delete the account. On clicking this link, the account will be deleted permanently.

Security enhancements and improved customer experience is what makes the module worth it!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Delete Account extension:

  • Enable or disable the extension from the backend.

  • Admin can set the Email sender.

  • Admin can select template for delete account confirmation Email sent to customers.

  • Customers can request Magento 2 customer account delete by checking "Delete My Account" and clicking submit button from their "My Account" section.

  • Once the delete account request is sent, customers get delete account confirmation Email to their registered Email ID to confirm permanent removal of their Magento 2 customer account.

  • Two-stage verification process for Magento 2 account deletion for better security.

tutorials resources and events about magento 2 frontend backend programming , best practices

Magento 2 photo gallery extension by FME allows you to display product images on product, category or CMS pages. Configure the size, light box frame, image slider and load images through Ajax. With FME Magento 2 photo gallery extension users can view photos in a nice & eye-catching lightbox. You can display images in different layouts and allow the users to share the images on social media.


  • Creates a separate photo gallery page
  • Link images to related product pages
  • Display photo albums on category pages
  • Display photos in attractive lightbox
  • Upload multiple photos simultaneously
  • Restrict image gallery by store view
  • Show image name and caption

It is human tendency to attract to something free and taking advantage of this attitude, E-commerce store offers free shipping service for those orders that qualify for it. Such an offer tempts the customer to increase their average cart value which benefits the store in terms of sales. To implement this strategy, Meetanshi has come up with Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar extension.

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar extension automates the calculation of cart amount total and the amount needed to qualify for free shipping. It will display a message such as "Add more $15 to be eligible for Free Shipping!". 

The Free Shipping Bar for Magento 2 is a sales driver! The customer will be encouraged to buy a product worth of the amount needed to avail free shipping service to avoid paying for shipping and instead get something of use.

The module also allows customizing the layout of the bar and display a customized message with updated calculations!

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar extension:

  • Enable/disable the module from the backend.
  • Persuade customers to buy additional items in the temptation of free shipping service.
  • Set the threshold value of the cart total to be eligible for free shipping, select groups to enable free shipping bar for and add customized text to be displayed in the frontend.
  • Replace the free shipping notifier bar with a customized success message once the customer's cart is qualified for free shipping.
  • Admin can select one of the three free shipping bar positions to place the bar in the frontend.
  • You can choose to stick the shipping bar while scrolling the page in the frontend.
  • Allow customers to close the shipping bar.
  • Allows admin to include/exclude tax in the displayed subtotal on the message bar.
  • Display the shipping bar either in mobile or desktop or both.
  • Display the free shipping bar on various pages such as home page, category page, search result page, product page, cart page, and checkout page, to increase the urge and effect of free shipping.
  • Select one of the three shipping bar sizes from large, medium and small.
  • Admin can set the delay time to load the free shipping bar after specific seconds of the page load.
  • Easily auto hide the free shipping bar after some specific seconds after the display.
  • Customize the color, alignment, and font of the free shipping bar and the success message.
  • The extension facilitates to add one of the numerous animation effects for the free shipping bar.
  • Admin can add custom CSS. 

Developed a PWA so that customer can place an order in a magento store using few voice commands to mobile and showing off the face to mobile camera for authentication. Used some Amazone APIs (Like Rekognition, S3 Bucket etc... )

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