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Korean popular beauty brands Klavuu & Chamzone needs an e-commerce website with clean and product focused design and direct marketing module solution with works on Magento. Multi-Store has been developed for each brand, direct marketing module developed, ERP integrations established and Google services successfully connected.

The default way of putting an order cancellation process in Magento takes a lot of time for both customers and store owners. Store owners can use this extension to allow customers to put an order cancellation request from the Front-End. It will save time for both customers and the store owner.

Powerful Key Features

Allow Customers to Submit Order Cancellation Requests

Approve/Disapprove Cancellation Request from BackOffice

Customize Cancellation Request Button & Popup

Automatically Send Email Notifications

Show Order Cancellation Button for

Selected Order Status

Specific Payment Methods

The extension Force Login for Magento 2 works by restricting non-registered users to visit Products, Category and CMS Pages of your Store. In this way, you can stop not Logged In users to visit your store pages.

Key Features

Set Force Logins for Users to Access Pages

Display Default Login in Custom Login Form

Enable Force Login on Specific Products, Categories & CMS Pages

Force Login on Checkout or Cart Page

Personalize Login Popup Template

Set Login Popup Appear Time in Seconds

Lead all technical aspects of full M1 to M2 site rebuild. Worked together with lead frontend architect and gathered technical requirements from client and from existing M1 codebase to develop scope of work. Managed and lead a team of backend developers in completing all requirements, including rewriting all custom features and importing M1 data.

The Denmark based client wants to build a website where retailers and Wholesellars both can purchase. On the Top Left side of the store, one can switch the accounts by converting the ​store for Wholesellar to retailer and Vise Versa.

The UK based online e-commerce store selling clothes and garments is built on Magento CMS. This is a responsive website that has a beautiful product filtering feature, product customization​ option, customized shipping and payment gateway interface to make online shopping a great pleasure for its customers.

Development concerning a Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce migration. I was part of a larger development team from an awarded Magento solution partner. A large project with highly customized BE + FE functionality. During the 9 months (February - November 2019) that I worked on this project, I was responsible for the global theme setup of the hybrid Magento2 FE theme (part M2 stack, part customized and modern SCSS, ES6 and React stack) , co-operated in updating the Webpack based FE build tooling (to be able to compile SCSS partials, ES6 and ReactJS components), worked on the React based checkout, and introduced new FE developers into the Magento 2 FE. I was also privileged to work as a hybrid BE / FE developer on account page functionality (product reviews and wishlist) where I did both the BE and FE work to enhance Magento's OOTB functionality. A great project to work on, a great team to work with!

Integrated a Product and Inventory import/update cron for Information would be FTD'd to a server in XML format. Files would get picked up and processed by the Magento cron to keep site catalog in sync.

Over a period of 5 months, I've worked on some experience-enhancing features for both and

Over the past 2,5 years I've been leading the frontend development part of the Royal Dutch Gazelle website ( Features I worked on include an AJAX catalog, new checkout flow, product detail page with a KnockoutJS powered bike configurator, many BlueFoot components, a dealer finder, and many more. Additionally, I took care of (performance) issues.

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