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Inventory Sync SOAP API extension for Magento 2 stores helps the admin to sync their inventory and products with numerous Magento 2 installations and manage the product data and supply of all stores consistently.

Inventory management is an important factor for all kinds of businesses and the main cause for some of the failed startups is because of no inventory management. For the stores with an abundant number of products and those who sell on multiple platforms, it becomes a complex task to maintain the inventory. It is clumsy enough to keep the product data latest. Particularly n the quantity of stock when the same product is circulated on numerous platforms. Let’s take an example of the same. Suppose the customer has placed an order at one platform and if you haven’t updated the quantity of that particular product, then the order will be placed without you having the stock.

Hence, to completely eradicate this problem, MageComp has come up with Inventory Sync SOAP API for Magento 2 stores and to smoothen your inventory management. With this extension, you can spontaneously sync the product and product data by using SKU from the backend. If you have more than one Magento installation, then also the stock quantities will be updated automatically. The SOAP API is used which expeditiously syncs the whole product data. This means that if there is an update in the product at one channel, then automatically that particular product will be updated in all the other channels with all the data including name, pricing, description, and also the media. The admin can easily set the frequency and the start time of the inventory sync from the backend. The extension also comes with syncing of simple products and configurable products.

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