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Klubbamera 1 year ago

Klubbamera is a platform for night events. It is built with Golang, PHP (for the web, but wanted to use react), 2 Android apps. Using RabbitMQ for handling events between the micro services. Postgres is used instead of MySQL.

Project was developed by three guys before I started to work on it. I'm working on project from 2016. year which included active support and developing new features.

I worked from start on project (I have great recommendation on linkedin from store owner). The biggest web site in Kuwait for online shopping. Big amount of order / big traffic / big impacts. A lot of different technologies we used, like SOLR search (for arabic and english store view), RabbitMQ message broker for async operation, creating pdf coupons (attachment in new order email). Also I worked on implementation two version of ERP. A lot of things and experience.

On project with me worked also Hrvoje Jurišić (fronted guy) and Krešimir Banović (backend guy)

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