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Migrated from Magento EE 1.14 to Magento CE 2.2. Used Magento's data migration tool to accomplish migration. Integrated site with company's ERP system. Assisted in planning and developing an automated site deployment process to compile and deploy Magento 2 to 3 nginx servers sitting behind a load balancer. Deployments involved minimal downtime (about 8 minutes).

Ecommerce was done modern IT technology that allows web-site works very fast.

Garner Supply is an industry leading provider of durable medical products for home delivery in USA.

froothie(Magento1) 3 years ago

Froothie’s adventure started with a small Australian company promoting and supplying healthy fruits, vegetables and equipment to cafes and juice bars in Australia, encouraging them to promote healthier drinks called ‘’Froothie’’ - playing on the ‘’Smoothie’’ name. From there quickly this small idea developed into an obsession on promoting healthy eating in general - not only occasionally, and quickly strong associations developed including a strategic exclusive partnership with the globally recognised Australian Vortex blender and juicer supplier: Optimum Appliances, in order to promote healthy eating and drinking in every household. You can read more at :

AAA State of Play 3 years ago

Affordable Commercial Playground Equipment for Schools and Parks

Mental 3 years ago

Website trade in dental equipment

Theme Updates to Hammer Made Male Fashion Store

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