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Ekta Bhavan Dharamshala rooms are neat and clean. Few of the rooms are facing the Shri Ganga Ghat. It is right on the road and almost at middle location near Bhimgoda Kund from where going to Har Ki Pauri (10 Mins by walk) as well as Bharat Mata Mandir is very easy. Most of the times shuttles are available for Har Ki Pauri, Bharat Mata Mandir as well as for the Rishikesh. This area is very well ventilated and there are restaurants as well as market place available just outside the Bhawan. All in all very convenient place to stay in Haridwar.

Address:Bhimgouda, Hiranwara, Haridwar, Uttarakhand - 249401


Check-In:12:00 PM Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Food Facility: No

Parking: No

Tourist Place in Haridwar Near from Ekta Bhavan Dharamshala :-

1.Har Ki Pauri - 800 Meter

2.Bharat Mata Mandir - 3.7 Km

3.ShantiKunj - 4.5 Km

4.Chandi Devi Temple - 4.7 Km

5.Mansa Devi Temple - 4.4 Km

It is near from the Bus Stand 5.1 Km. The nearest Railway Station is at 3 Km near from Ekta Bhawan Dharamshala. The nearest aggarwal Dharamshala is at 1.4 Km. The accommodation is 36 km from Dehradun's Jolly Grant Airport.

Suggested Route Map of Ekta Bhavan Dharamshala :-

1.Mussoorie - 82 Km

2.Chandigarh - 204 Km

3.Delhi - 225 Km

4.Kedarnath - 232 Km

5.Yamnotri - 220 Km is an Online store for Home Appliances. I had created it from scratch. This is one of the best custom design project which I had developed. and are an e-commerce website made to sell lenses online. The design and development is done by me. Both the sites went live in 2 months time frame.

Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment by Meetanshi automates invoice and shipment generation in Magento store.

Instant invoice is the next step to customer experience after successful order completion. Manually generating the Emails and sending it is not feasible. For Magento stores, Meetanshi has developed Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment extension to ease this task by automating invoice and shipment generation.

The extension creates the invoice and shipment automatically after the order is placed. The order status is changed to complete. The instant service helps Magento store win customers' trust and improve the customer experience!

A time-saver module, Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment is a must-have extension for stores fulfilling a larger number of orders every day!

Benefits of Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment:

  • Automate the shipment and invoice creation after an order is placed in the Magento store.

  • Automate sending either the invoice or shipment or both.

  • The module automatically updates the order status to complete after creating invoice & shipment.

  • Sending automated invoice Emails is taken care of, once created in the backend. Supports multiple payment methods.

  • Instant invoices encourage customers to trust your store.

  • Improved customer experience

Magento Defer Parsing of JavaScript by Meetanshi improves speed performance of the store by defer parsing of the Javascript.

In the competitive E-commerce world, Magento stores need to offer excellent customer experience to the visitors. The page speed is one of the most important aspects in on-site experience. To improve the site performance, Meetanshi has developed Magento Defer Parsing of Javascript extension.

The module helps in defer parsing of Javascript to improve the load time. You may have seen the issue of "Eliminate render-blocking javascript above-the-fold content". The Magento Defer Parsing of Javascript extension solves the render-blocking Javascript problem.

Effectively improve the page speed and don't miss a chance of conversion and lose a potential customer due to slow page loading.

Benefits of Magento Defer Parsing of JavaScript extension:

  • Automatically defer parsing of Javascript in Magento store.

  • Defer Iframes loading.

  • Resolve the issue of render-blocking Javascript

  • Improve SERPs and store performance.

  • Increase Google Page Speed Score with improved rendering time.

  • No full page cache issue.

  • Improved site speed and defer parsing of Javascript till the last moment.

Magento Auto Cancel Order by Meetanshi helps in order management by automatically canceling the orders with pending and pending payment order status.

It may happen that the cart is abandoned by customers or payment has failed due to technical reasons. Such orders with pending or pending payment order status in the backend must be canceled. To manually cancel the orders is a tedious task. Meetanshi's Magento Auto Cancel Order extension automates the cancelation of such orders.

The extension is helpful in stock management too. Not only it helps in easy order management, but the extension is also quite a help in analyzing the reasons for order cancellation and hence plan a better strategy for the future!

Benefits of Magento Auto Cancel Order:

  • Automatically cancel orders with pending and pending payment status.

  • Set time period for automatic order cancelation.

  • Admin is notified via an Email on order cancellation.

  • Option to select Email template.

  • Easy backend order management. 

Magento Currency Switcher by Meetanshi switches currency to visitors' native currency by identifying the GeoIP location.

Enhanced user experience is one of the most important factors responsible for successful E-commerce store without any doubts! Also, these stores have to design the store in such a way that the visitors from all over the world are comfortable with its functioning. The price display is one of them! It must be displayed according to the visitor. To make sure that the visitors' local currency is displayed in the frontend, Meetanshi have developed Magento Currency Switcher for Magento stores that auto detects users' location and switches the store's default currency.

Cart abandonment rate may increase if a global visitor gets confused by the store's default currency. To avoid it, the extension auto-detects the visitors GeoIP address using the Maxmind database. The price is displayed accordingly in his native currency for easy understanding. Such a feature enhances the user experience of the Magento store.

Boost the sales by expanding the business on a global level serving the visitors worldwide the right way using Magento Currency Switcher extension!

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento Currency Switcher Extension:

  • Auto detects the GeoIP address of the visitors to display their local currency in the frontend.

  • Maxmind database for the GeoIP detection.

  • Auto-switches the currency based on users' location.

  • Improved user experience.

Shipping is one of the powerful ecommerce factors that helps your business to get on top and shipping charges are different based on product dimension and location. Magento comes with several built-in shipping methods that allow you to charge shipping in a different way. Among all, the flat rate is a favorite shipping method of every store owner that allows you to set fixed shipping charges but sometimes it makes your customer feel unfair as the distance is not always same for all the orders. At that time, you probably need a distance based shipping method that calculates distance from your warehouse to the customer's location and charges accordingly. Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension by MageComp lets store owner charge shipping rate based distance between their warehouse to the customer’s location. Using the Official Google Map API the extension calculates distance from the source to the destination depending on the unit selection made by the admin. Also, the extension allows admin to set up minimum and maximum order amount.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension: • Option to enable or disable the extension. • Uses the official Google Map API key for calculating distance from the warehouse to customer’s location. • The admin can set custom title and name for shipping method name to display in store frontend. • Backend option to set custom unavailability message for the distance shipping. • Using backend option you can turn off distance shipping for some countries if needed. • To display distance shipping on the top, admin can set sort order from the backend. • The admin can select the distance unit in Kilometers/meters or Miles/feet. • You can set the minimum and maximum order amount for distance shipping using the backend option. • Using dynamic field option, you can define different distance units and its shipping charges. • Also, admin can set maximum distance shipping area unit until where they can deliver the shipment. • Using backend warehouse manager, the admin can add multiple warehouses from which their customer can select the nearby warehouse to receive shipment. • Once your customer adds delivery location while checkout, the extension will automatically refresh summery and calculates distance from warehouse to delivery location.

Magento Restrict Zip Codes by Meetanshi enables imposing restrictions on order placement based on the locations.

With the advance of E-commerce, local businesses are also opting for an online store to reach out to more potential customers. But the online store, accessible worldwide, causes traffic and orders that are not meant to be placed. To limit users based on locations to place orders, a proper system must be implemented to avoid unnecessary orders and its data. For Magento stores, Meetanshi have developed Magento Restrict Zip Codes extension to serve this purpose!

Magento Restrict Zip Codes is handy when the admin wants to limit the order placement based on the locations. The module allows visitors to check order availability in their location by entering the zip code. They can place the order only for the allowed zip codes. These allowed zip codes are added in the CSV file, uploaded from the backend.

With Magento Restrict Zip Codes, easily avoid unwanted orders which may cause the load on the system and useless for the business. Restrict users from placing the orders with zip codes checked from the CSV file.

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi's Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension:

  • Easily upload the CSV files of the allowed zip codes from the admin backend. 

  • Include the estimated delivery time in CSV files with the zip code.

  • Display customized zip code checker message on the product page.

  • Custom order availability or unavailability message to display in the frontend.

  • Let visitors check the order availability for their location by entering the zip code.

  • The "Check" button checks for the allowed zip codes in the CSV and shows availability or unavailability message based on the check.

  • You can enable the feature to display the estimated delivery time for the allowed locations, added in the zip code CSV.

  • Restrict order on checkout page with order unavailability message.

  • Restrict order from backend using zip codes.

Magento Cookie Notice by Meetanshi is a FREE module to comply your store with EU's GDPR Cookie policy.

Cookies are text files that store visitors' details in order to improve user experience and analysis. However, as per the EU's GDPR Cookie Law makes it compulsory for the business to ask for the users' consent before collecting their data. It applies to Magento stores as well! Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento Cookie Notice extension to make it easy for the admin to comply with the Cookie law!

The module allows displaying cookie notice in either a notice bar or a popup. Its position and layout can be customized. Also, display a custom text with the feature-rich extension.

Magento Cookie Notice extension is what you need to win customers' trust! Make sure that customers acknowledge that your business takes care of their privacy!

Benefits of Magento Cookie Notice:

  • Display cookie notice in either notification bar or popup.

  • Set custom position for the bar or popup in the frontend.

  • Admin can choose any of the below events when a user closes the cookie notice:

    • not show again
    • hide for the day
    • hide for the session
  • Automatically hide cookie notice bar or the popup after a fixed configured time.

  • Option to auto accept cookie after specific seconds.

  • Configuration to expire the cookie agreement after X number of days.

  • Accept cookies automatically on scroll action.

  • Display custom cookie consent message.

  • Display custom text for accept, close, and privacy policy buttons on the cookie notice.

  • The visitors can be redirected to the selected privacy policy page for more details on cookie usage.

  • The admin can display custom notice bar or popup in terms of text, font type, text color, alignment, background color, and position

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