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Magister Militum 11 months ago

Upgraded Magento version from 2.2.8 to 2.3.2 and fixed all after-upgrade bugs relevant to backend and layout.

A B2B platform for dancing supplies in Europe.

Opencart offer a wonderful measurement pricing calculator extension it enables you to sell different nature of products. Customers can add the requires amount of product quantity prices will be managed automatically by the extension. The extension calculates product prices with respect to specific measurement units such as length, area, volume, weight, or box. This extension helps you sell products in varying quantities at a price per unit like meters, square feet, liters, Kgs, etc. It helps you to increase product sales supporting multiple measurement units. You can offer a discount on different products, in this way it encourages the customer to buy more products. Opencart price calculator extension is compatible with all website themes.

Magento 2 Instagram Extension Pro by MageComp integrates Instagram feed with Magento 2 to allow store owners to fetch & display Instagram images & videos. The admin can set hotspot on fetched images and tag Magento 2 store products to create a beautiful Instagram shop.

Data Migration 10 months ago

Full customized M1 to M2 migration of all data for including custom migration handlers and steps

Multi-stock integration, store pickup solution

Webhook | 10 months ago

Own Webhook app with Vuejs and PHP Lumen

Borat | 10 months ago

Own Borat app with Vuejs and PHP Lumen As replacement for Toran and Private Packagist to host it on your own server.

Todo | 10 months ago

Own Portfolio Web App with Vuejs and PHP Lumen

Todo - 10 months ago

Own Todo app with Vuejs and PHP Lumen

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