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largest retailer of fresh flowers, foliages & ornamental plants in the Middle East growing to evolve in Middle East

Beddingco(Magento1) 2 days ago

BeddingCo is well known online seller of bedding and furniture items in Australia. BeddingCo was founded in 2003 by Rumel Haidari who saw an opportunity to be amongst the first to enter the online marketplace for bedding. Rumel is a passionate entrepreneur who is committed to using business to inspire, as well as make a positive difference in the world

Garner Supply is an industry leading provider of durable medical products for home delivery in USA.

froothie(Magento1) 2 days ago

Froothie’s adventure started with a small Australian company promoting and supplying healthy fruits, vegetables and equipment to cafes and juice bars in Australia, encouraging them to promote healthier drinks called ‘’Froothie’’ - playing on the ‘’Smoothie’’ name. From there quickly this small idea developed into an obsession on promoting healthy eating in general - not only occasionally, and quickly strong associations developed including a strategic exclusive partnership with the globally recognised Australian Vortex blender and juicer supplier: Optimum Appliances, in order to promote healthy eating and drinking in every household. You can read more at :

Antoine and Stanley is well known online seller of men’s footwear and accessories items in Australia.

Santaferanch is well known online seller of bedding and furniture items in Australia and USA

Magento Order Verification helps to prevent fake orders by verifying order verification using OTP sent to the registered mobile number at checkout.

A fake order is usually done out of sheer mischief or to play the prank with the store. The Magento stores must have a foolproof system to differentiate between genuine and fake orders. Meetanshi's Magento Order Verification extension helps to prevent fake orders with OTP verification at the checkout step.

The extension allows the customers to place an order only after order verification. For that, he/she has to verify the order via OTP sent to the registered mobile number and then only place an order!

Save yourself from the management efforts of packing, shipping and delivering a fake order! Moreover, the Magento Order Verification extension is compatible with Msg91 and Textlocal to send the OTP SMS.

Benefits of Magento Order Verification:

  • Verify each order at the checkout step using the OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

  • Ensure security by restricting fake orders.

  • Offers compatibility with Msg91 and Textlocal to send the OTP SMS.

  • Admin can enable the order verification only for particular payment methods.

  • Enable the order verification based on customer groups.

  • The checkout page displays the "Verify Mobile Number" button to enter the OTP. After the mobile number verification, the "Place Order" button is shown.

  • Option to send a custom text in OTP SMS.

  • Display the "Resend" button on checkout with custom text.

Magento Facebook Chat by Meetanshi allows merchant to offer live chat facility to customers via Facebook messenger.

It's all about customer experience for E-commerce business. No matter the quality of product or cheap prices, your customers are going to judge your business based on the support service and how quick you are to solve their issue! Keeping this point in mind, Meetanshi has developed Magento Facebook Chat extension. It enables customers to avail the live chat support via Facebook messenger.

Facebook messenger is a widely used platform. Being available on such a preferable platform for customers' queries only adds to your improvements in offering the best customer experience! For Magento store owners to get the most out of such a popular messaging platform, the Magento Facebook Chat module is the perfect module.

Improve user experience and let customers communicate freely. Win their trust with Facebook Chat extension for Magento stores!

Benefits of Magento Facebook Chat:

  • Offer live chat support to store customers via Facebook messenger.

  • Instant replies to customers' queries via Facebook messenger contributes to improving customer experience!

  • Enable the chat messenger using Facebook App ID and Page ID.

  • Option to set theme color of the chat icon and chat window.

  • Display custom message for the login and logout greetings in the Facebook messenger.

  • Facilitate customers to use their own Facebook account to communicate with store merchant, place an order or solve their query.

Magento WhatsApp Share Cart by Meetanshi allows users to share their shopping cart with their WhatsApp contacts!

Owing to the popularity of WhatsApp, it is the best marketing opportunity for Magento store owners. Aiding them in the process, Meetanshi has developed Magento WhatsApp Share Cart extension that allows users to share their shopping cart with friends and family via WhatsApp!

People tend to believe the recommendations of products by their loved ones. Keeping this fact in mind, the module can be a marketing strategy that boosts sales. 

The Magento WhatsApp Share Cart module allows users to share their cart to WhatsApp contacts, groups as well as the broadcast list using the "Share Cart" button.

Benefits of Magento WhatsApp Share Cart:

  • Show the share cart button for desktop and mobile devices.

  • Offer the WhatsApp Share Cart facility based on the customer group.

  • Show the default custom message in the WhatsApp while sharing the shopping cart.

  • Analyze the visits and conversions in Google Analytics made through the extension by setting UTM tracking from the backend.

  • Share the short bitly cart URLs via WhatsApp.

  • The customers can share their cart with multiple WhatsApp contacts, groups, and broadcasts at a time! 4 days ago

Magento 2 support and custom product import development.

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