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Make your loyal customers feel special by offering them exclusive discounts. Magento 2 private sales extension allows you to initiate and manage multiple private sales campaigns.

Sales campaigns can increase your ecommerce’s sales considerably provided they are run effectively i.e. if they target the right occasion and audience. With Magento 2 private sales extension, you can offer discounts to specific customers, customer groups, and store views.

The extension offers some very useful features which allow Magento merchants to get the most out of their sales campaigns. For example, it creates a dedicated page to list all your upcoming and ongoing sales which allows customers to see all the sales on your store on one page. Similarly, the sales detail page shows all the discounted products available for selected customers or customer groups. You can also display a top bar which again will be private to VIP customers.

Another useful feature is the display of flash sale countdown timer which creates a sense of urgency to avail the discount offer. You can select from 3 different designs of countdown timers and also change their background color. Also, set different discounts for every category.

Some other useful features are given below.

  • Set fixed or percentage discount for all products -Display Flash sale countdown timer
  • Display sales labels
  • Display daily deals
  • Set URL & Metas to rank your private sales
  • Customize coming soon & current sales section
  • Create private sales widget
  • 100% open source
  • 100% GDPR compliant

View demos here:

Wellcat needed a simple way to add/remove listing of cats available for a new home so SproutDesk built a custom solution that allows the admin to make a listing edit the photos directly on the website using a bespoke built Vue.js component for cropping and editing images.

Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society approached us while re-branding their company into the new SupportAbility branding. With this we built a bespoke WordPress theme based on their new branding guideline and hooked them up with an enterprise-grade cloud solution capable of handling well over 1000 page views per second.

Development Webshop on Magento 2 Development of a booking extension (for rental items) B2B Shop M2E for ebay

Multistore 2 weeks ago

Development Multistore on PHP Smarty Engine with SOAP interface Point system as a payment method

Completely rebuild webshop with merchandise and car article with ebay and amazon connection. Orders are returned to the ERP system.

Woof Shop 2 weeks ago

Woof Shop is an online store Range of pet products like food, grooming, toys, clothing and many more.

Live Url:

Urban India 2 weeks ago

Urban India is a brand that speaks “Royal” for Indian apparel. It has products ranges from Sarees, Salwar kameez, Kurti to Lehenga Choli sets.

Live Url:

A Docker based development environment to run a local multi-version LEMP server setup on Linux or Mac without needing to install all the usual LEMP programs. Just download the latest version, copy over the .env.example to .env, and then use docker-compose up to start the server.

Do you offer additional service to your online store? Add extra charge or additional fee to the product at Checkout for additional services like gift wrap, packaging, fast delivery, more with Extra Fee Magento 2 extension. Boost your average order values by offering supplementary services to your users!

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