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This application was developed using CakePHP initially but due to performance issues, I helped in developing a framework based on CodeIgniter for performance. At SpeechInk I was also responsible for:

  • Policing the code.
  • Keep an eye on critical processes.
  • Code optimization and refactoring.
  • Contributing in developing a custom framework API. Using CodeIgniter as the base and using Doctrine as the ORM.
  • Helped setup Amazon DB and initiated towards complete independence from MySQL.

Overall, the technologies used throughout the period are: Basic Python scripting [ for automating most processes on the server ], CakePHP 2.0, MySQL 5.X, CodeIgniter, Doctrine, JQuery, SVN

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Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export by Meetanshi enables importing and exporting product reviews via CSV file.

Customer reviews in E-commerce can be a powerful tool as social proof if used strategically to persuade people to make a purchase!

Magento 2 platform does not provide easy options to manage these reviews when a store is migrated to other platform or theme is upgraded, etc. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export extension to make the import and export of reviews easy.

The extension ensures convenience in importing and exporting product reviews along with its details like customer name, customer reviews, image, etc. It uses the CSV file format for the task.

Benefits of Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export:

  • Export product reviews in a CSV file.
  • Specify the date range to export customer reviews from a particular time span. 
  • CSV file format to import and export reviews.
  • Includes customers' details if added in the CSV.
  • Import and export review titles, review details, customer names, ratings, product SKUs, review status, etc. 
  • Easy configuration and saves time!
  • Multi-store support

Free Magento 2.0 Blog extension is the best way to communicate with your customers and casual visitors. The Blog will give you interactive channel to keep your customer visit your website more often. You can provide official information and news of your store, upcoming products, promotions, and get customers’ feedback. Blog for Magento 2.0 by MGS brings blogging to your e-commerce store without the need for an extra framework.

Giftment 2 weeks ago

Giftment is a store that takes care of selecting and sending the perfect gifts that business people need to do in special ocasions. It also takes care of the the internal gifts from companies to employees.

Free Magento 2 Banners will help you easily manage the banner and show the banner at frontend to attract your customer's most attention. It will make your store catchy and more inviting.

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