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Basically, when there is any online store owner selling custom products where the calculation is required on the basis of mathematical formula and the calculation depends on the input entered by the customer and by default Magento 2 does not provide this functionality. Most probably all these products are sold based on the square foot and are unable to calculate the exact rate of these products. Therefore, to diminish all difficulties for the Magento 2 store owners MageComp has launched Magento 2 Price Calculator Extension.

MageComp's Price Calculator Extension for Magento 2 helps the store owners to calculate the price of products by a mathematical formula on the basis of particular measurements entered by the customers in length and width. The store admin can effortlessly enter the fixed base rate of the product straightaway from the backend. Similarly, from the storefront customers can add their required measurements and on that basis, the calculation of that customized product will be calculated.

Hyvä Themes 1 year ago

Hyvä themes is a brand-new frontend for Magento 2 with the best DevExperience, Performance and Time to Market.

Magento 2 Custom Options with Weight Extension by MageComp helps your store customers to select their desired custom options for product weight to boost the user experience of the store.

With MageComp’s Custom Options with Weight Extension for Magento 2, the store admin is able to display custom options for products on the store frontend. Also, the admin is eligible to set the charges of various custom options. With the help of SKU, the admin can get all the product details automatically, thus saving the time incorporated for fetching the product details. Better not waste your time and integrate Custom Options with Weight for Magento 2 now and complete your customer needs.

MageComp's Magento 2 Mobile Login with Email Optional plugin enables the customers to login as well as register with the help of mobile number by utilizing the One Time Password (OTP) facility without entering the email id. With the help of this extension, all the customers are capable of registering, login or forget passwords directly using the mobile number without adding the email id. The admin is capable of restricting the countries for specific countries by selecting their desired countries to enable this functionality directly from the backend. The module is inbuilt with an SMS gateway for sending OTP on the registered mobile number. What are you waiting for? Install Magento 2 Mobile Login with Email Optional and enable your store users to login and register via mobile number without entering the email id.

E-commerce Mobile App Development Service by MageComp delivers superior mobile apps by understanding the changing market trends to meet your business requirements. Our E-commerce mobile app development offers a robust dashboard, simple checkout, appealing design and smooth navigation.

People are sometimes frightened of online buying due to frauds and cheats. Providing clear and transparent documents of their purchase can help customers to trust you. Large companies are already providing standard billing documents to their customers. The question arises for small and medium scale companies. They are still finding the right procedure to build the trust of the customers.

MageComp has come up with Download Invoice PDF Extension for Magento 2. The extension allows the admin to generate invoices from the store backend. The customers are able to download invoice PDF from their My Orders section in the store frontend. The download can be carried out at any time the customer desires. Integrating the extension helps in minimizing the repetitive task of generating PDF. Enhance customer experience with download invoice PDF extension and increase brand awareness.

For any online store, order management and order processing are very important to build better relationships with the customers and gain trust. The owners face many problems to manage orders and maintain the order related database. To keep the order details secure, store owners keep on changing the order number.

Default Magento 2 provides a facility to manage order numbers. What if you want a custom order string to handle orders of your store? Custom Order Number Extension for Magento 2 allows users to set a custom format for order numbers. With custom order numbers the store owner can effortlessly manage their databases. The admin can set prefix and postfix for the order numbers. The module permits the store owners to set custom order numbers for the invoice, shipment, order, and credit memo IDs. It becomes easy for store owners to easily identify the orders and difficult for customers and competitors thus providing the security of order details.

Sometimes, there is a need to restrict not logged in customers to some pages of the website. Also, for the privacy of the store, you do not want visitors to have access to some pages. It also helps in retaining customers for a longer period of time. For this reason, there arrives a need for force login for not logged-in customers in Magento 2.

Force Login Extension for Magento 2 permits the admin to limit access to the not logged in customers. The admin can display the custom message for restriction of the access. The category pages and other CMS pages can be selected from the backend for force login. Enabling the option only to the members of the store helps to keep the privacy of the store from the B2B business. Straightforward backend management to redirect customers to the login page with a custom URL and restrict the current page.

Magento 2 OAB iPay 8 months ago

Magento 2 OAB iPay by Meetanshi enables integration of OAB iPay payment gateway with Magento 2 store for secure online payments.

OAB iPay is an e-payment gateway facility by Oman Arab Bank. The payment gateway is developed to improve the digital payments in Oman.

Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 OAB iPay extension that integrates the Magento 2 store with OAB iPay payment gateway for secure online payments. Using the module, the Magento 2 merchants can leverage the benefits of the OAB iPay payment gateway.

The Magento 2 OAB iPay extension used the hosted payment process where the customers need not enter their card details in the Magento 2 store. On choosing this payment method, they are redirected to the hosted page of OAB iPay where the card details are entered and the payment is processed to complete the order securely.

Install this module and improve the customer experience of the Magento 2 store today!

Benefits of Magento 2 OAB iPay:

*Secure online payments with the hosted process using OAB iPay payment gateway *Set a custom title for payment method *Display the payment method logo at the checkout step *Use alias to integrate the payment gateway with the store *Choose English or Arabic as a payment language. *Facilitates auto invoice generation *Allow the selected countries to use the payment method *Redirect the customers to OAB iPay payment gateway hosted page where the card details are to be entered to complete the payments. No card data is stored in the Magento 2 environment. *Better payment process contributing to improved customer experience.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 OAB iPay extension works in your store:

For more details, visit:

Magento 2 PDF Catalog 9 months ago

Magento 2 PDF Catalog by Meetanshi is the best tool to create PDF catalogs for products and categories.

Offering a better shopping experience is more of a requirement than benefit when it comes to E-commerce business due to the cutthroat competition. In such scenarios, any tools that make it easier to improve the user experience are welcome.

Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 PDF Catalog extension. It allows creating PDF catalogs that prompt conversion due to its media-rich and updated content.

The feature-rich module allows you to design the PDF catalog design and access product pages easily using QR codes!

Magento 2 PDF Catalog is what you need if you are a B2B business or any type of business that offer products over multiple sales channel!

Benefits of Magento 2 PDF Catalog:

  1. Print pdf catalogs quickly
  2. Upload image for PDF cover background
  3. Select the PDF text color
  4. Add product attributes to display in PDF catalog
  5. Show custom text in the PDF footer
  6. Show the date in any required format in the header
  7. Allow catalog printing based on: o customer groups o for child product only o for child product & parent product
  8. Multiple options for the product sorting in pdf
  9. Option to order products in PDF in ascending or descending order
  10. Configure the product list view and the product grid view, set the limit of description character display and enable read more link
  11. Offers QR code to access the product pages
  12. The admin can include the selected product attribute in PDF catalog
  13. Allow printing catalog from the frontend
  14. Print the PDF catalog either in grid or list view
  15. Print the PDF catalog from the backend category page.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 PDF Catalog extension works in your store:

For more information, visit

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