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We developed 1000+ Magento2 stores and already 100+ Magento2 stores. Just ask me and I will send a portfolio document with many examples. Adding the first here on E-commerce hero bit by bit (always busy doing great work for cool customers ;))

The website I am listing here first is the recently launched Twinkeltje Magento2 shop (Soon launching the international "Twinkels" store as well).

With my team, I manage the official plugins for many big e-commerce companies. Such as:

You can review the code example of our Kiyoh Reviews plugin for Magento2 here.

OrderTree 8 months ago

A full build of Magento 2 OrderTree I worked with Classy Llama to build this. I was responsible for the Magento 2 -> NMI Payment Integration and interaction through the CODIS Sales API

This is a docker image for Magento 2 development

This is a Docker Image setup for M1 development

This Magento 2 Hide Price extension allows merchant to hide prices for products, categories and customer groups. Replace price with flexible options for many purposes as Call for Price, Request a Quote or just require login.

Micro Kickboard 1 month ago

I migrated Magento 1 to Magento 2 and kept maintaining it as an architect and technical lead.

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