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Natonic is an Australian-based vitamin and supplement online retailer, selling throughout Australia and China. They were seeking an eCommerce specialist to maintain their current Magento 1 site as well as improve site performance, build custom modules as well as improve site design and functionality. After developing a great working synergy between time zones and delivering an excellent level of work with a seamless flow despite the time difference, technopath took on Natonic as a monthly support client, creating a custom support package based around their specific needs and price points.

MSE Audio is a $10M international Manufacturer/Distributor of consumer electronics for both commercial and residential markets. They came to technopath looking to configure their Magento Cloud Starter and set up the staging environment. Not only did we set them up on Magento Cloud and customize their theme, but they signed up for one of our monthly support contracts and, to this day, they remain a loyal client.

Martor is a B2B international manufacturer and distributor of safety knives and safety cutters. With locations in Korea, Mexico and Nashville, Tennessee—Martor is an important part of personal protective equipment for industry, retail and trade. technopath handled their NetSuite integration, providing Martor with accurate product availability, timely and efficient order fulfillment, a fast front end customer experience, a smooth refund process as well as real time status on orders, cancellations and refunds.

Thomas G. Goldkamp is a B2B distributor of industrial brands such as 3M, Loctite, Sealed Air and more with locations in both Pennsylvania and Colorado. They provide businesses with tapes, adhesives, packaging materials and abrasives. technopath imported their 30k+ data catalog into Magento and continues to maintain their website with one of our monthly support contracts.

Bedgear, a $100 million-dollar mattress and bedding manufacturer, is a client for whom technopath provided ongoing support and services including migrating them from Magento 1.9 Community to Magento Commerce Cloud. Additionally, we created a custom wizard to help consumers select the right pillow for their body type. We also built it as a js widget to allow other retailers to integrate it into their site. When technopath started with bedgear there were several challenges regarding the organization of their website from the e-Commerce shopping experience to the functionalities that they wanted to offer their customers. Not only did we successfully execute the migration and build them their customized Pillow ID app, but we met all their tight deadlines and created solutions for many of their other e-Commerce needs.

Lira Clinical, a $50M global skincare company founded by a collective group of aesthetic professionals devoted to perfecting modern skincare, came to technopath seeking Magento 2 training as well as a Magento 2 B2B solution, which includes inventory, shipping, orders and much more. However, after learning of our capabilities and expertise, Lira hired us to manage all their e-commerce operations and technology decisions, . They became an ongoing client benefiting from one of our maintenance and support contracts. Today, we continue to work on their workflow design, integrations as well as any other areas that need strengthening.

Designed and developed—from the ground up—all elements of a full eCommerce platform for this online vitamin and supplement retailer. The result: an increase in yearly revenue from 0 to $10 million. Today, I continue to work with The Natural, improving upon their existing software technology solution and digital marketing strategy, meeting and exceeding their ever changing business goals. Boleto 2 months ago

Module that integrates Magento 2 for bank slip transactions with the payment service provider. Credit Card 9 months ago

Extension to integrate Magento 2 with Pagar.m2 Payment Service Provider.

Site Optimisation. 2 months ago

Have big experience in site optimisation.

Linux services optimisation, database optimisation, code, workflow, images, css, js and others.

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