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Migrated from Magento1 to Magento2 with making whole Theme and developed extensions.

Advanced SEO Metadata Manager allows you to easily set custom metadata, such as: page title, description, keywords, & robots for all pages (including layer navigation). It supports import/export in CSV. Just match the URL you want to overrides its seo metadata value, then set your value, it will override it.

Master Magento development: Learn how to create module, API, CRUD, custom theme & much more. 2 weeks ago

Canvas tent shop has been going for over 30 years and is now in its 3rd generation. Whilst the company name has changed on a few occasions this is only due to the progression of the company and the way canvas tents have become more and more popular with some modern twists and changes. 2 weeks ago

We are an IT Supply company with a wide range of products. We supply both individuals and corporate clients. We sell online - for comfort and convenience, technology is just a click away. We deliver country-wide - to your door. 2 weeks ago

At BALMESSENCE, we believe that true beauty and good looks are not lab creations. We experienced many revolutionary beauty products and treatments, which have a short-lived effect and have a negative impact on our organism, because our largest organ - skin, absorbs what we apply on it and chemicals travel throughout the body. Chemicals mean toxins, toxins mean ageing. We came a long way to finally resist and not get caught up in the swarm of beauty and grooming products buzzling with scientific accomplishments.

Vox 4 months from now

A furniture store. Custom build in Magento 2

Atlas 3 weeks ago

A large mattress store, Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Iusa 3 months ago

Huge hardware store retail in Mexico needed an ecommerce in Magento Cloud.

Mercado Libros 3 weeks ago

An ebook ecommerce, built with a large multiwebsite-multistore deployed in magento cloud

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