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Magento Out of Stock Notification Extension by MageComp allows the customer to subscribe back in stock notification for out of stock products.

PowerMusic 11 months ago

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for 3 separate websites into merged one. Developed 4 different themes, custom Algolia integration and development of online mixing user interactions and customizations. Fully responsive and optimized.

Magento 2 Multivendor WhatsApp Contact Pro Extension by MageComp works with Webkul Multivendor Marketplace Extension that allows vendors to set their WhatsApp number to display on their product page.

Environment: Magento 2, PHP 7.0.1, MySQL 5.6, android, IOS and angular, AWS, Radis, Elastic search, S3 Bucket. Description: Magento used as backend for the marketplace; expose all required APIs which will be consume by the mobile and PWA applications. Integrated webkul marketplace plugin for marketplace features. System is integrate with the other 3rd party merchant portal

Responsibilities: • Involved in complete life cycle development of project. • Extensively involved in design project architect with Magento. • Developed custom API in magento 2. • Integrated magento 2 with other merchant portal • Tested and deployed the application on AWS.

Honeybee Health 1 month ago

Continued and helped to develop out their project after taking over their development role.

  • I help to implement design changes
  • I help to develop out features
  • I fix bugs that arise

Took over and helped develop a custom plane parts store:

• I built "My Planes" page to add a customer's plane to their profile • I built a "Carpets- Precut" page to drill down to find specific carpets • I built an "Order by Part Number" to locate parts based off of order numbers • I built a "Serial Number Search" page to drill down specific serial number searches • I modified a custom shipping extension to fit customer needs • I modified the layered navigation in order for it to be faster • I added a sticky header to the site theme

Bargreen Ellingson 1 month ago

Was the main driver in the development and relaunch of

  • Identified issues and problems with the previous website, including internal networking problems and reliance on an outdated ERP system, all of which prevented the site from being fully functional for one day a week
  • Developed a new website that was more separate from the company's ERP system and company network in order to allow the site to be functional 24/7 as well as prevent further connection issues
  • Worked with the Magento framework in order to build a new site that was integrated with the Lawson ERP system and maintained the functionality of the previous site
  • Assisted the marketing team in developing an integrated marketing strategy that capitalized on Bargreen's strengths but also enhanced those strengths using the website and other technological tools
  • Built an order processing application that replaced the job of two people processing a max of two hundred orders a day with a program that processed one-hundred fifty orders in fifteen minutes
  • Migrated the internal employee intranet to an external host in order to allow company staff to access the site outside of the company's network
  • Successfully relaunched, a site owned by Bargreen, but had been abandoned for over a month
  • Created systems of documentation and automated testing using WATIR (Web Application Testing in Ruby

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