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Racedom is a Greece-based automobile accessory provider with a strong reach across the globe. While they were planning to develop an online store, MageDelight developed an eCommerce store by using M2Go solution accompanied with the AutoGo theme. Racedom is now a magnificent online store reaching it's targeted audience & achieving the business goals.

Turn your store’s existing customers into the store’s advertisers to achieve maximum ROI and increase sales with refer a friend extension. This extension initiates an affiliate program in your Magento 2 store where you encourage your customers to refer your store to their friends and family and get rewards. It offers a 2-way reward program where you incentivize both the referrer and the referred users.

The refer a friend extension is an excellent tool to reduce your marketing costs as it will be done by your existing customers for nominal discount. Also, it’s an effective form of marketing done by people who have hands on experience with your store.

Key Features of the extension

  • Initiates a referral program in your store
  • Allows users to share the referral link on social media
  • Rewards the referred users and the referrers
  • Gives discount in fix amount or percentage of the order amount
  • Sets an expiry date to avail the reward
  • Sets minimum order amount to be eligible for the discount
  • Sets targets for referrals and rewards for achieving them
  • View target details, earnings, and referral links in ‘My Account’


Fix Image Cache 1 month ago

Temp fix for image cache for some Magento 2.2.x and Magento2.3.x customers

Magento2 Corker 1 month ago

Magento2 Based Project

This is uk based magento2 project selling tools.

Speed up the checkout process by skipping the ‘Add to Cart’ step and directing users directly to the checkout page. The Magento 2 buy now button allows customers to enjoy a one-click checkout experience. This feature is particularly useful for returning customers who don’t want to add products to cart first and then move to the checkout page.

The Magento 2 Buy Now Button Extension simplifies buyer’s journey which increases conversions. A very useful feature of the extension is that store owners can choose which specific products, customer groups or store views to show 'Buy Now' button on. They can also create different 'buy Now' buttons with different calls to action.

Key Features:

  • Show Buy Now button on specific products
  • Multiple buy now buttons with different CTAs
  • Confine to specific store views & customer groups
  • Give the buy now button a custom title and text
  • Change the button background and font color

More details here:

Redis Configuration 2 months ago

Redis is a free and open source (BSD licensed) in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. Caching is the process of storing some data in Cache. Cache is a temporary storage component area where the data is stored so that in the future, the data can be served faster. Redis is perfect for storing sessions. All operations are performed in memory, making reads and writes much faster.

Wishlist Ajax 2 months ago

A wishlist is a tool that allows your customers to create custom product collections with the products they have an interest in. If you want to make your wishlist more user-friendly, Wishlist Ajax by Codesicle will help your users have a better experience while adding or removing products from the wishlist this module is the solution for you.

The site is built on React JS, Gatsby JS to extract information from a headless Wordpress instance.

The site is optimised with Offline support, PWA and for Accessibility.

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