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Cron on steroids 4 months ago

Writing cronjobs can be hard. The environment where it is executed is different. You have to make sure you cronjob doesn’t get executed multiple times. The output is hard to control. How handle errors? I’m going to show you a better way using software you already used: Jenkins.

A blogpost about how you can access your Magento (1) data from within Laravel. I used this in a migration traject where client moved from Magento 1 to a SaaS solution. This blogpost gained a lot of traction.

Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension allows you to create an elegant brands landing page to let customers shop by brand. Display all the brands in a separate landing page featuring an intelligent search bar, filter manufacturers alphabetically and display the number of products next to each brand name. With this extension, you can also create a separate brands pages to display the products of each brand. Enable a featured slider to highlight some of the top brands right on the face of your eCommerce website. You can display featured slider on brands listing page & homepage as well.

Key Features:

  • A dedicated brands listings page
  • Brand detail page featuring products for each manufacturer
  • Exhibit top brands in a featured slider
  • Display featured slider on home page
  • Enable search box, alphabetical filters
  • Add shop by brand link to header & footer
  • Restrict brands to selected store views
  • Display brand logo on product pages
  • Configure brands’ SEO

My client want to make the checkout cart flow smoother without unnecessary page reload if customer select the shipping method and rate. The shipping method use BigPost API.

I implemented Ajax on the checkout cart page so customer can change the product quantity, select shipping method/rate and use discount without page reload.

This way make the checkout process easier and faster.

I also setup the test server on AWS EC2

This build was a migration from M1 to M2 with lots of customizations, but the most relevant one is an AMP theme for mobile devices

Supervised the redesign, usability testing, A/B Split experiments, and the storefront implementation process; projects included Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Hockey Canada.

Redesign, re-platform from Sitecore > M1 > M2

Sponsored and led projects such as: taxonomy redesign, cross-sell modeling and testing, free shipping modeling, a new shipping model design that gained margin improvement by 37%, social media playbook development, and PunchOut enablement for eProcurement customers.

Magento Cloud Custom Theme Build.

Managing the stabilizing and rollout (including complex migration) of a subscription based platform based on Magento1 EE and Adyen. Team of 6-8 developers, using service orientated architecture on top of Docker Swarm at AWS

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