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Ruroc Website 2 months ago

Magento 2 Commerce website running on Magento Cloud, with data migration from previous PrestaShop website.

This project intends to create a performant, replicable, and production-like Magento 2 local development environment that leverages Docker.

Daffodil is a frontend toolkit that intends to accomplish three things:

  1. Improve developer workflow when writing frontend software for online stores.
  2. Provide a consistent frontend developer tool-chain regardless of a business's chosen ecommerce platform
  3. Drastically improve the end-user experience of online-shopping.
Ove Decors 1 month ago

Lead a team comprised of:

3 developers 1 designer 1 qa

Want Apothecary 1 month ago

Migration from Magento 1 to Shopify Plus

Lead a team comprised of:

2 developers 1 project manager

Lammle's Western Wear 1 month ago

Lead a team comprised of:

2 developers 1 designer 1 project manager 1 qa

Bentley Leathers 1 month ago

Lead a team comprised of:

5 developers 1 qa

Tribal Sportswear 1 month ago

Team lead for a team comprised of:

3 developers 1 project manager 1 qa 1 designer

Not sure what to do with your marketing? Think you need a new website but you don't want to spend thousands to do it?

We get it. We're tired of seeing companies throw away thousands of dollars on a website and marketing that doesn't work.

Your online marketing shouldn't be guesswork.

Our e-book walks you through how to assess your website for quick and easy improvements that you can make today. It also helps you to take a deep dive into your Google Analytics to help you determine the right area to focus your marketing efforts. We've included an in-depth checklist, a brainstorming questionnaire, a quick-reference guide, and free upgrades to future versions.

We migrated this highly customized website from Magento 1 enterprise to Magento 2 community in about four months. The client is saving over $20,000 per year in enterprise costs that they didn't need and has many improvements from their wishlist in the new build.

The website has a custom, three-step checkout that takes gift messages, custom shipping logic, and a ship-later feature.

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