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Magento Facebook Chat 1 month ago

Magento Facebook Chat by Meetanshi allows merchant to offer live chat facility to customers via Facebook messenger.

It's all about customer experience for E-commerce business. No matter the quality of product or cheap prices, your customers are going to judge your business based on the support service and how quick you are to solve their issue! Keeping this point in mind, Meetanshi has developed Magento Facebook Chat extension. It enables customers to avail the live chat support via Facebook messenger.

Facebook messenger is a widely used platform. Being available on such a preferable platform for customers' queries only adds to your improvements in offering the best customer experience! For Magento store owners to get the most out of such a popular messaging platform, the Magento Facebook Chat module is the perfect module.

Improve user experience and let customers communicate freely. Win their trust with Facebook Chat extension for Magento stores!

Benefits of Magento Facebook Chat:

  • Offer live chat support to store customers via Facebook messenger.

  • Instant replies to customers' queries via Facebook messenger contributes to improving customer experience!

  • Enable the chat messenger using Facebook App ID and Page ID.

  • Option to set theme color of the chat icon and chat window.

  • Display custom message for the login and logout greetings in the Facebook messenger.

  • Facilitate customers to use their own Facebook account to communicate with store merchant, place an order or solve their query.

Magento WhatsApp Share Cart by Meetanshi allows users to share their shopping cart with their WhatsApp contacts!

Owing to the popularity of WhatsApp, it is the best marketing opportunity for Magento store owners. Aiding them in the process, Meetanshi has developed Magento WhatsApp Share Cart extension that allows users to share their shopping cart with friends and family via WhatsApp!

People tend to believe the recommendations of products by their loved ones. Keeping this fact in mind, the module can be a marketing strategy that boosts sales. 

The Magento WhatsApp Share Cart module allows users to share their cart to WhatsApp contacts, groups as well as the broadcast list using the "Share Cart" button.

Benefits of Magento WhatsApp Share Cart:

  • Show the share cart button for desktop and mobile devices.

  • Offer the WhatsApp Share Cart facility based on the customer group.

  • Show the default custom message in the WhatsApp while sharing the shopping cart.

  • Analyze the visits and conversions in Google Analytics made through the extension by setting UTM tracking from the backend.

  • Share the short bitly cart URLs via WhatsApp.

  • The customers can share their cart with multiple WhatsApp contacts, groups, and broadcasts at a time! 1 month ago

Magento 2 support and custom product import development. 1 month ago

Front-end development, checkout customization, and custom shipping method development.

My client wanted to develop a web application where Tenancy and Property Dealers can connect to each other and Rent or Lease or Sell the Home, Office, etc.

It was a challenging project for us to develop with large functionality and features.

We have developed this application successfully and delivered.

Still, we are developing its new features...

Built a Vaping Marketplace site with omni channel infrastructure (Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Custom Cart Shipping methods and rates, Backend Shipping platform integration, Inventory Management System)

Magento WhatsApp Contact by Meetanshi allows customers to directly contact the store owner via WhatsApp.

Are you keen on offering the best customer service? Do not like to keep your customers waiting? If so, the Meetanshi's Magento WhatsApp Contact extension is for you. It allows customers to directly contact the Magento store owner via Whatsapp!

The extension helps to enhance the user experience and solve customers' queries instantly. Direct contact with a potential customer increases the chance of conversion by convincing them with the great features that your product or services offer!

Get the most out of Whatsapp messaging app for your Magento store! Solve customers' doubts instantly and be available right there for them every time they need a helping hand at your store! Everything with Magento WhatsApp Contact module.

Benefits of Magento WhatsApp Contact:

  • Show the WhatsApp Contact button on the desktop and mobile devices.

  • Display a customized default message to start WhatsApp chat with the admin.

  • Allow direct contact with the admin from the frontend by entering his mobile number

  • Use either icon or box button type

  • The button hover text, button background color, and icon color are customizable.

  • Display the contact button in the frontend for a specific date range or all the time as per the requirement.

  • Position the contact button at the top, bottom, left, and right position in pixels.

  • Offers sixteen button animation effects for highlighting the WhatsApp contact button.

  • Option for the visitors to close the contact button when not required.

  • The module is compatible with Whatsapp web, app, and the business app.

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Magento Email Quote 1 month ago

Magento Email Quote by Meetanshi enables the quotation system in the store by facilitating customers to send quote request to admin.

For online stores, there must be a system where customers can negotiate prices or personalized features. For wholesale online dealers, quotation system is a must. Hence Meetanshi has developed Magento Email Quote extension that allows customers to send quote requests in Magento store.

The extension facilitates customers to share their shopping cart with admin and request for quote. Admin can create the order from backend and send it to customers via Email. The customers can checkout directly using the link sent in the email by admin.

The Magento Email Quote extension help win customers' trust and satisfaction, hence benefitting the business!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Email Quote extension:

  • Display the custom button label for "Email Quote" on the frontend.
  • The backend option to set the email ID and template for receiving customers' quotation requests.
  • Customers can request a quote by filling in the details and select product options with a few clicks.
  • Admin can view the cart with selected product options when a quotation request is submitted by the customers.
  • Be thankful to customers for quotation request by sending an Email for the same.
  • Admin can create an order from the backend and send it to customers via Email.
  • The backend "Email Quote Statistics" grid can be used to send the quote for the requests received by customers.
  • Facilitates auto registration of guest users when an order quote is sent from the backend.
  • Apply the discount quote when creating the order quote from the backend.
  • Admin can use the default Magento feature of custom price to create an order quote from the backend.
  • Make it easy for the customers to checkout directly from the link sent in the email with the "Email Quote" button.
  • Admin can use the "Resend Quote" action to edit and resend the previously created and sent quotes

Magento Chile Post Tracking by Meetanshi helps enhance the customer experience by allowing to track their order shipped via Chile Post without having to log in.

Customers' shopping journey does not end once the order is placed. The store has to take care of customer experience even after the conversion. One such feature is the ability to track the order that plays an important role in customer satisfaction. Meetanshi's Magento Chile Post Tracking extension allows your store customers to track their order shipped via Chile Post.

With the help of the module, allow customers to track the order without having to log in! Not only that, let them check their order status in the Magento store itself and not redirect them to the Chile Post tracking webpage. The only thing they require is their tracking number!

The Magento Chile Post Tracking module offers details like delivery date, shipping management activity with its date and time in table format!

Benefits of Magento Chile Post Tracking:

  • Offer customers the facility to track their order that is shipped via Chile Post.

  • Customers need not log in to track the order shipped via Chile Post.

  • Add a separate Chile Post tracking URL in the top link section and in the footer.

  • The customers are offered the tracking details in the store itself so that they do not have to visit the Chile post tracking page.

  • Offer the tracking details with date and time in a table format for better readability.

  • Show error message for unavailable orders or if the order data is not found in the Chile Post.

  • Enhanced customer experience for those who avail the Correos shipping service.

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