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Korean popular beauty brands Klavuu & Chamzone needs an e-commerce website with clean and product focused design and direct marketing module solution with works on Magento. Multi-Store has been developed for each brand, direct marketing module developed, ERP integrations established and Google services successfully connected.

Eye Connection is a very popular fashion sunglasses brand and needs a new design implementation current Magento store. The new design successfully converted as a template for Magento. All unnecessary codes had been cleaned up on the frontend. Mobile design re-created and customized. Multi-Store contents had been implemented and customized.

This is module provide sample test command with argument and option to create CMS Page in Magento 2

Project is used for the Magento Flower and Cake delivery in USA. -- Task

  1. Product wise shipping method selection
  2. Product wise Adding sub option of custom option with price
  3. Drop ship vendor emails
  4. Product wise custom shipping address

The default way of putting an order cancellation process in Magento takes a lot of time for both customers and store owners. Store owners can use this extension to allow customers to put an order cancellation request from the Front-End. It will save time for both customers and the store owner.

Powerful Key Features

Allow Customers to Submit Order Cancellation Requests

Approve/Disapprove Cancellation Request from BackOffice

Customize Cancellation Request Button & Popup

Automatically Send Email Notifications

Show Order Cancellation Button for

Selected Order Status

Specific Payment Methods

The extension Force Login for Magento 2 works by restricting non-registered users to visit Products, Category and CMS Pages of your Store. In this way, you can stop not Logged In users to visit your store pages.

Key Features

Set Force Logins for Users to Access Pages

Display Default Login in Custom Login Form

Enable Force Login on Specific Products, Categories & CMS Pages

Force Login on Checkout or Cart Page

Personalize Login Popup Template

Set Login Popup Appear Time in Seconds

Performed a full code audit on an M1 site, then developed a plan to completely overhaul their data structure and backend code in order to simplify and optimize with an emphasis on future scalability. Lead a team of backend developers to accomplish this goal, and personally rewrote integrations with third party platforms such as QuickBooks to work with the new data structure and add additional improvements.

Lead all technical aspects of full M1 to M2 site rebuild. Worked together with lead frontend architect and gathered technical requirements from client and from existing M1 codebase to develop scope of work. Managed and lead a team of backend developers in completing all requirements, including rewriting all custom features and importing M1 data.

To increase sales in the store you need to engage customers. Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension will help you to engage customers by adding multiple success pages with an order summary and personalized messages. In spite of showing a blank and dull Checkout Page, you can display complete Order Summary, enable guest registration and subscription. And a personalized Thank You message.


Create Checkout Success Pages with Order Summary

Assign Categories, Products to Order Success Pages

Limit Checkout Success pages by Store views, Customer Groups

Enable Guest Registration and Subscriptions

Allow Reordering and Continue Shopping Options

Add Product Suggestions, Coupons, Social Media, Footer link

Write a Personalized Thank You Message

Magento 2 Custom Order Grid by Meetanshi facilitates an advanced sales orders grid with the ability to add 50+ custom columns.

With the increasing traffic for E-commerce stores, the order management must be in place to avoid any errors in processing each order. For Magento 2 stores, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Custom Order Grid extension to facilitate an advanced sales orders grid to manage orders accurately and fast.

An organized orders data helps the admin for better order management with ease and control the order data. Improve the customers' shopping experience in the store with quick delivery that can be possible only with an easily accessible order data. Hence the Magento 2 Custom Order Grid extension!

Benefits of Magento 2 Custom Order Grid: Control the order information Process the store orders faster Manage the orders accurately and easily Hide the orders based on their order status Display the selected product image in the orders grid for the grouped products. Display the selected product image in the orders grid for the configurable products. Synchronize the existing orders using the "Synchronize" button Add 50+ columns to the order grid from the Sales > Orders grid by selecting the checkboxes Apply mass actions to an unlimited number of orders Search & filter the orders Hide the default columns when not required Display the product thumbnails Show the customers' contact number, shipping, and payment Export the order grid data into CSV and Excel XML Analyze the order data For more information, visit

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