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FME Prestashop Mobile app builder enables you to create a professional mobile app for your stores. The owner has don’t need to learn complex code. You can apply the store name only the automobile app builder generate a wonderful app itself. It help to large eCommerce stores boost their revenue by gain traffic from small devices. The app is fully supported by all mobile IOS and android phones.

The Prestashop store pickup module automatically detects the visitor location and displays the nearest store. The owner can display the store on Google Maps for user easiness. Customers can search product, name and addresses. Google Maps Store Locator is an essential tool for a local business image. The owner can attach their website to specific landing pages. The owner can send alerts to the user and specific store as well.

Ecommerce store owners can not display specific product prices. If the user needs price information they can use the contact us form or call for price button. You can customize these forms with attracting font and background color for engaging maximum users. You can create the multiple rules that is attached with specific products and customers. Types. It supports multiple input fields like field type, input type, and input Oder, etc.

Europa 92 8 months ago

Doing support and frontend improvements/fixes for one of the biggest Croatian companies in the clothing industry. #magento2

Atwix MageNews 8 months ago

Atwix #MageNews is a roundup of the most significant news and updates that happened during the month in the Magento world. Follow us and we will make sure you are always up-to-date!

FME offers a wonderful module for manages your online and physical stores. It helps to manage all order activities smoothly. Customer can find store on google map. You manage the specific date-time for the delivery of products. The Store pickup Prestashop module managed all store orders by sending email alerts for store pickup orders.

Prestashop store locator module give a usefr friendly interface to customers for finding products on g-maps. The customers have free and easy access to the store by searching on mobile. The customers can order the product by searching with stores, product names, and addresses. The module can detect the customer’s location and show relevant store to them. The google map can be displayed on store multiple places like header footer product pages etc. The module is responsive to mobile devices that help to boost store traffic and sales.

Prestashop mobile app builder help to increase your store traffic by offering a responsive free mobile app. It gives a wonderful shopping experience for customers on their smartphones. The app is fully android and IOS supported. Admin can easily create a mobile app for their eCommerce store by following the few steps. The mobile app helps to increase eCommerce store traffic. The Prestashop mobile app builder is very easy to use.

Prestashop e-commerce store owner can display multiple free popup notification like sales, packages, special offers, etc by using the Prestashop popup notification module. Admin can redirect customers with colorful notification alerts. You can set popup notification on required locations like on products, categories, home or cart page, etc. Admin can customize this with special editors with a specific date range. Prestashop popup notification module is compatible with all store layouts.

Magento - Platform 9 months ago

Create shop via Magento 2.3 Added a lot of extensions and settings. Optimization speed Create new custom theme

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