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Magento Cron Cloud Functions is a Magento extension for running cron jobs on Google Cloud Functions.

Use Google Cloud Storage as the file storage backend for Magento 1.9.

I do maintain this project for ~3 years now

Magento 2 Multi-Source inventory 200 hours 2 years ago

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) project is designed to enable manage stock in multiple locations so that merchants can properly reflect their physical inventory in Magento without having to use extensions or customization.

This project is driven by Magento 2 Community developers and all results of this project will be added to Magento 2 Community Edition for free.




Built a custom product type that allows the consumer to select and configure a different customizable product

GMdotnet Vagrant Multi Machine LAMP Stack is a simple Vagrant file with yaml config file and ansible provision. You can use to have a multi machine LAMP stack for your development.

A plugin for Magento 1 that outputs the JivoChat javascript code into the website

A plugin for Magento 2 that outputs the Usersnap javascript code into the website

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