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Advanced Security Suite form Magento 2: Two FActor Authentication, IP whitelist, Brute Force Protection and reCaptcha.

A Docker based development environment to run a local multi-version LEMP server setup on Linux or Mac without needing to install all the usual LEMP programs. Just download the latest version, copy over the .env.example to .env, and then use docker-compose up to start the server.

Build Modules for Open Commerce 140 hours 7 years ago

This product was originally owned by Open Commerce which then sold to creative minds after I left the company.

Create and merchandise categories quickly and easily with Visual Merchandiser for Magento. Drag-and-drop products into position, or set up 'Smart Categories' based upon attributes. Saves you hours merchandising your Magento store.

Assign permissions to users for editing products and categories, Magento store-views and websites. No mess when having a lot of users in your store – vendors, category managers, etc – let them see and edit certain categories and products.

This module allows you to send the transaction to NoFraud to be screened.

At the moment there are 2 modes. Pre-Gateway Post-Gateway

The Flying Fork 3 years ago

Created, modified and installed many magento 2 extensions (quantity selector, SwissUp Labs Firecheckout, amasty order, etc). Fixed bugs related to magento 2 theme (infortis) and functions (Firecheckout, minicart, etc).

Product PDF print-out extension for Magento 1/2


  • Enable customers to download a PDF of your product pages
  • Compatible with all product types in Magento® 2
  • Add a PDF download icon or text link to any product page block
  • Easily customize the product page PDF layout, content and design
  • Includes 40 Google fonts and seven image gallery layouts
  • Choose to show descriptions, images, prices and custom options
  • Sort product page sections using simple drag and drop system
  • Show a PDF header with custom store logo and text content
  • Add a footer with product page URL, time stamp and pagination
  • Provide your B2B customers with a handy product page print-out
  • Download PDF from product admin page with one button click
  • Can be used for unlimited products without additional subscriptions!

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