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Enterprise project Magento 1. Customization of grouped, configurable and simple products. It has integration with ERP.

It has multi store with Sofiabyvix and shares the shopping cart.

Full site migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 through integrations and themeing Magento 2

For Chris Jenkins, we created the highly customized Nutrivivo website on Magento 1 in its entirety. We have been working with Chris for 2+ years and our relationship with the client is unparalleled.

A blogpost about how you can access your Magento (1) data from within Laravel. I used this in a migration traject where client moved from Magento 1 to a SaaS solution. This blogpost gained a lot of traction. is a flower online seller that serve many major cities in Indonesia. They have hundreds of florist partners across Indonesia. The interesting part is that they cater more to corporate than individuals. The majority of their sales are what they call ‘flower board’ which is sent to many events to formally express happiness, happy wedding, and sympathy. They want to upgrade the look of the site, but their main pain points is the checkout process that usually works for normal e-commerce process couldn’t work for them. To send a flower, a person need to enter the following:

Message, name of recipient, address of recipient, phone number of recipient, time of delivery Name of Sender, Phone number of sender Name of the buyer of the flower and their email. The amount of information that is needed confuses many users. They need a streamlined process that made it clear who and what is the information for. is an online ecommerce selling Furnitures across Indonesia. They are located in Tangerang, Indonesia, but ship all across the country. Their mission is to put give the best price to consumer through transparent pricing for their products. BeliFurniture team come to us looking for ways to improve their current Magento store. They need a mobile friendly design to cater for the notable 35% visitor from mobile to the site.

They also want us to do an estimate of shipping cost of their products to all cities in Indonesia. Shipping furniture require a cargo company not the standard mail delivery so this is a new challenge for us.

Tokenize Product Downloads is a Magento extension that allows a customer to download their purchase without the need to create an account and/or sign in.

Kilroy Blockchain integrates ShipCompliant ( with Magento to provide automated pre-shipment compliance checking and state tax filing for online alcohol sales.

Tools Store 11 months ago

Magento 1 ecommerce project

Use Google Cloud Storage as the file storage backend for Magento 1.9.

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