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Liebherr B2B 4 years ago

Liebherr is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world. By 2015 the company had grown to over 41,500 employees, with total annual sales of 9.2 billion Euros. The created Magento shop provides a solution for thousands of B2B customers. With 40 store views and more than one million products the shop processes successfully a lot of data.

I was invited to join the stage at Magento Imagine 2017 together with Francesca Molinari, Chief HR Officer at Magento, Alaina Percival, CEO at Women Who Code, Kate Morris, CEO at Adore Beauty and Hilda Fontana, VP of Engineering & Technology at LD Products. We discussed how we’ve worked to increase inclusion in our work and life and had an open and interesting dialogue with the audience.

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