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Butchery is the online presence of a dutch butcher that's aiming to grow quickly and end up being of the largest online butchers in the country. There's a lot of customization to the Magento (2) system to add extra functionality. A custom API integration with the in-house picking system and an integration with the shipment partner slated to be developed. 4 years ago is a subscription based store that sells high quality coffee in Nespresso cups. The site original ran on a custom built system and was (finally) migrated this year to Magento 2. The subscription system is a custom-built module.

Belmondo is a 'create your own book' site that comes with pre-defined books for the most common situations. They have guestbooks, sisterbooks, and others. And if none of them fit your needs, create your own.

While there's plenty of other sites that also do this, Belmondo makes it possible to do this together with others. It allows for multiple editors to work together in the same book, at the same time.

For this client I've rebuilt their Magento piece by piece after they moved away from their previous partner. After that we rebuilt the editor they use for their books from flash to a html5 version. We also implemented a system that creates the necessary images for a book before sending it off to a printer. is a site that allows you to subscribe to receive a scheduled delivery of freshly made bread.

The design is far from the regular Magento 2 structure and needed a lot of customization in the form of modules to make the subscription system integrate as intricately as desired.

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