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With Magento 2 Buy Now Button you can allow customers to complete the Checkout Process in just two steps. You can display a "Buy Now Button" on any Product to allow Checkout directly from Product Page.

Powerful Key Features

Add Custom ‘Buy Now’ Button to Store

Manage Multiple ‘Buy Now’ buttons as CTA

Display ‘Buy Now’ option on selected Products

Restrict by particular customer groups, store views

Try various personalization options

The default way of putting an order cancellation process in Magento takes a lot of time for both customers and store owners. Store owners can use this extension to allow customers to put an order cancellation request from the Front-End. It will save time for both customers and the store owner.

Powerful Key Features

Allow Customers to Submit Order Cancellation Requests

Approve/Disapprove Cancellation Request from BackOffice

Customize Cancellation Request Button & Popup

Automatically Send Email Notifications

Show Order Cancellation Button for

Selected Order Status

Specific Payment Methods

The extension Force Login for Magento 2 works by restricting non-registered users to visit Products, Category and CMS Pages of your Store. In this way, you can stop not Logged In users to visit your store pages.

Key Features

Set Force Logins for Users to Access Pages

Display Default Login in Custom Login Form

Enable Force Login on Specific Products, Categories & CMS Pages

Force Login on Checkout or Cart Page

Personalize Login Popup Template

Set Login Popup Appear Time in Seconds

To increase sales in the store you need to engage customers. Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension will help you to engage customers by adding multiple success pages with an order summary and personalized messages. In spite of showing a blank and dull Checkout Page, you can display complete Order Summary, enable guest registration and subscription. And a personalized Thank You message.


Create Checkout Success Pages with Order Summary

Assign Categories, Products to Order Success Pages

Limit Checkout Success pages by Store views, Customer Groups

Enable Guest Registration and Subscriptions

Allow Reordering and Continue Shopping Options

Add Product Suggestions, Coupons, Social Media, Footer link

Write a Personalized Thank You Message

The Save & WhatsApp Share Cart feature in online store enables the customers to save the cart when a customer adds their desired products to cart and share the cart with WhatsApp contacts. This preserves the item for later purchase without having to place it on a wish list. To add this feature to Magento store, use FME’s Magento 2 WhatsApp Share Cart extension – which enables to save & share cart via WhatsApp, email & other social media platforms.

You can share shopping cart on:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Google Plus
  • Copy & Share Cart URL

Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2 Now your customers can order and pick up products from the nearest store from them. They can add store pickup as a shipping method on checkout and let customers select the nearest store to collect. Customers can • Select Pickup Store • Pickup Date & Time Add Unlimited Store Locations You can add an unlimited number of Store Locations and display them on Guided Google Map. You can also add new stores or import them form Magento 1 shop with the following details. • Store Title and URL Key • Assign a Store View • Store Address and Description • Phone, Postcode and Zoom Level\Store City, Country and Region You can also add, • Products availability • Google map directions • Holidays • Operating Hours • Street view options Powerful Key Features

  1. Allow users to select “Store Pickup” during checkout
  2. Allow them to select the nearest store, date and time for pickup
  3. Import Stores data using CVS File
  4. Bonus Store Locator Extension Features • Dedicated Store locator page to list Stores using Google Maps • Separate Landing Page for Each Store to show timetables & products • Create store tags to let your customers filter stores listings

Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions Extension | Restrict Shipping Methods

Shipping Restrictions Pro extension by FME enables the store owners to restrict shipping methods based on specific rules. You can create conditions based on Product attributes, multiple conditions combination, cart attributes, shipping details, shipping carriers, etc. Draft a restriction message that will be displayed instead of a blocked shipping method. With this extension, you can upgrade the shipping process by making it more flexible and effective.

Key Features:

  • Create Shipping Restrictions for Specific Store Views
  • Restrict Specific Shipping Carriers in Your E-Store
  • Restrict Shipping Based on Product/ Cart Attributes
  • Create Restrictions Based on Shipping Locations (Country, Post Code, Region, City, etc.)
  • Restrict Shipping Methods by Customer Groups or Customers
  • Disable or Allow Shipping with Coupon Codes
  • Restrict Shipping on Specific Week Days & Time

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Extension | Restrict Payment Methods

Payment Restrictions Extension by FME helps to restrict payment methods for various shipping methods/carriers, order subtotal, shipping locations, and many more. In order to organize the payment process properly, you need to have Magento 2 payment restrictions extension by FME in your store that lets you create flexible rules and conditions for certain customer groups, store views, products & customers.

With this extension, you can restrict payment methods on specific days and time and also apply payment restrictions with coupon codes (if any).

You can implement payment restrictions based on:

  • Cart Attributes
  • Product Attributes
  • Shipping Methods
  • Certain Shipping Carriers
  • Customer Groups
  • Customers
  • Store Views
  • Locations – country, postcode, etc.
  • Certain Days & Time

Allow merchants to provide the customer with a complete gifting experience on their e-commerce site. Select gift wrap suitable for any occasion and type products before delivery. You can add unlimited Wrap Designs and classify them also in gift wrap types. This option displays on the Checkout Page as well.

Key Features

Add Attractive Gift Wraps to Your Store

This extension allows you to add a wide collection of gift wraps to your online store. Let your customer Wrap their attractive designs.

Add Price and Assign Products to Wraps

Let your customers effort more easy to assign Products to the gift wrap designs so that you can save their valuable time in searching for wrapping facility separately. Get your charges for the gift wrapping service you offer.

Create Various Types of Gift Wraps You can create different wrap types to facilitate users in selecting a wrap suitable for different occasions e.g. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.

Restrict Gift Wraps to Store Views You can enable the gift wrapping facility to certain store views.

Personalize Gift Wrap Option You can write a custom label for the Gift Wrap option to display. This will help users to easily understand the field.

Displays Gift Wraps on Cart & Checkout Page Display Gift Wrap option on the Cart and Checkout Page to let the customer know they have selected a wrapper as well.

HTML & XML Sitemap Pro for Magento 2 extension allows Store Owners to generate Thousands of HTML & XML Sitemaps which help them to stand in the crowd. By generating XML Sitemap your Website can crawl and Index by Search Engine Bots easily and fast. And generating HTML Sitemap helps users to easily navigate on your Website.

Key Features

•Generate Multiple XML Sitemap

You can generate Multiple XML Sitemaps to Crawl by Web Crawler and Index your Website in Google •Include/Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs From XML Sitemap You can add/remove Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from XML Sitemap.

•Configure Priorities & Change Frequency and other details for each Type of Page

Configure Priorities & Change Frequency and other details for each Type of Page. You can change frequency, last modified date for following types of URLs.

  1. Products
  2. Categories
  3. CMS Pages
  4. Additional Links

•Setup Cronjob to Automatically Add New URLs to Sitemap

You can add new URLs automatically to Sitemap by setting a Cronjob on Daily basis, Weekly and on Monthly basis. New added URL in Product, Category and CMS Page updates automatically in Sitemap.

•Categorize URLs by Alphabetical Order and type(Product, Category, CMS)

You can categorize URLs by Alphabetical Order to make navigation more easy on your Website. Categorizing by Alphabetical Order will help customers to find items on your Store.

•Include/Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from HTML Sitemap

You can add/remove Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from HTML Sitemap.

Magento 2 Custom Registration form Fields is an extension allows you to add extra custom fields to the Sign-up form of your Website. This extension offers you a wide range of field types. You can also enable data validation to make sure you collect the right information about your Customers.

Key Features

Add Unlimited Custom Fields to Registration Page This extension allows you to add unlimited Fields in the Registration Page. Adding extra fields will help you to get additional information from your customers.

Position & Sort Fields Anywhere on Registration Form You can set the positions of the additional field where it should be. You can Sort field anywhere on Registration Form.

Add Multi-Level Dependable Fields You can add multiple level Dependable Fields.

Support 13 Types of Fields This extension support 13 different types of fields.

• Text Field

• Text Area

• File Upload

• Image Upload

• Date

• Drop Down

• Multiple Select

• Yes/No Option

• Radio Buttons

• Checkboxes

• Text Editor

• Audio Upload

• Video Upload

Make Fields Mandatory or Optional You can set fields mandatory or optional. A Star sign will be shown next to the field text.

Configure Data Input Validation for Fields You can make sure about the information gathered from the customer by enabling data validation.

Show/Hide New Field in Registration Email & “My Account” You can Show/Hide newly added fields.

Restrict Additional Fields by Store Views You can restrict Additional Fields by Store views.

Make Fields Non-Editable Once Data is Entered by Customer You can make the fields Non-Editable by the customer once they entered their data.

Help your customers to buy the perfect size products they are looking for. By using this extension you can customize the Size Chart, Assign them to specific Products, restrict them to store and control their display to specific products. You can show a Pop-up or through separate Product Tab. You can create and customize an unlimited number of size charts for categories, products, and attributes.

Key Features

  1. Create & Customize Size Charts for Products
  2. Set Conditions to Assign Size Charts to Specific Products
  3. Upload a Size Guide Image & Add Chart Data
  4. Display Size Chart in a Tab or Popup
  5. Restrict Size Charts to Store Views
  6. Import Chart Data

Create & Customize Size Charts for Products You can Create & Customize Font Size, Font Color, and background color for the body of sizing guide. You can personalize charts with the following options. Add New Size Chats Specify Size Chart Name Set a Priority Enable or Disable the Chart Upload Image for Size Chart

Set Conditions to Assign Size Charts to Specific Products Choose a condition with respect to a product attribute.

Upload a Size Guide Image & Add Chart Data You can upload an image that displays product sizing or configures the data in rows and columns

Display Size Chart in a Tab or Popup By using this extension you can help your Customers to view size guide in Pop-up or in Separate Product Tab

Restrict Size Charts to Store Views You can set a restriction on Size Chart to specific Store Views, You can prevent customers from another region to see your Products Size Guide.

Import Chart Data You can Import data of each row and column from another source via CVS File to configure it in your Store.


Show the current status of your Website to your visitors in a decent way by using this extension. This extension allows you to display a Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode that clearly inform the visitors about the Site current Status.

You can also enable the email subscription form, Social Links, add background media and allow IP addresses to Whitelist Users. The Whitelisted Users will be able to bypass and Browse the site for testing.

Key Features

3 Website Modes - Live, Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode

This extension allows you to switch between 3 Websites Modes. You can enable any of the following with a single Click: Active Live Mode Enable a Coming Soon Page Enable Maintenance Mode

Enable Coming Soon Page with User Sign-Up Form

Convert your Website visitors into Registered User or E-mail Subscriber.Y our Subscriber will get email notification when the Website is Live.

Activate Maintenance Mode with Countdown Timer

Customize the maintenance Mode Page to prevent from being disappointed your Visitors while your Website is under Maintenance Mode. Show Count Down Timer to let them know when the Website will be Live.

Add Media to Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages

You can add media to the Coming Soon & Maintenance Page, which shows in the Background. You can customize media with: Write a Custom Title Select Media Type Upload Files or enter URLs Assign Media to a Website Mode Add new Media or Delete the existing one

White-List Website Traffic with Respect to IP Addresses

You can give access to certain users by adding their IP addresses from the Backend.

Display Social Links to Keep Customers Engaged

Display Social Media Links on your Coming Soon Page to engage them on Social Media Pages.

Option to Allow Visitors to Access CMS Pages When you are working on your Website, let your Visitors get access on your CMS Pages.

Using structured data help Google to understand your content in a better way and it shows more information about your Site on its SERPs. Use rich snippets and show more site information on SERPs. Which significantly increase traffic to your Store.

Key Features

Add Website and Corporate Schema Tags

By using this extension you can add Schema Tags which return more informative results.

Add Schema Tags for Local Business

It will help you to add your local business information to get more traffic on your Store.

Enable Product Schema Tags (Ratings, Price, Stock, Etc)

To attract more customers you can add Structured Data to show Ratings, Price, etc in SERPs.

Add Schema Tags to Show Breadcrumbs & Search Box

Showing Breadcrumbs will help users to understand your Website Hierarchy. And adding a Search Box is always good to find the right Products easily on your Store.

Highlight Social Profiles in Search Engines

Social Profile is another way to engage with your customers. You can show your Social Media Profiles also using this extension.

Add Schema Tags for Carousels

An elegant carousel display helps showcase your blogs/articles next to your Google search engine results.

Bonus Features – Tags for Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Card

You can enable tags for Twitter and Facebook Open graph which fetch images when it shares on Twitter and Facebook.

XML & HTML Sitemap is important for your website which makes Search Engine to crawl and Index your Website URLs. Using this extension you can make your website communicate quickly and in a proper way with the search engine. Index your webpages faster and improve SEO on Google and other major search engines.

Key Features

Generate Multiple XML Sitemaps

You can generate multiple XML Sitemaps using this extension which help Search Engine to crawl easily.

Include / Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs From XML Sitemap

You can hide or show Products, CMS & other URLs from XML Sitemap anytime which you don’t want to index by the Search Engine.

Configure Priorities & Change Frequency and Other Details for Each Type of Page

You can change frequencies, last modified date for each URL type. URL types such as • Products • Categories • CMS Pages • Additional Links

Setup Cronjob to Automatically Add New URLs to Sitemap

You can set a Cron Job feature which will keep all your Sitemap updated automatically. Adding new products, categories, and CMS URLs to the existing sitemap itself. You can run Cronjob on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

Generate HTML Sitemap

Using this extension you can create HTML Sitemap separately.HTML Sitemap help users to navigate on your website.

Categorize URLs by Alphabetical Order and Type (Product, Category, CMS)

You can categorize products Alphabetically and Product Type which will help your customers to find different products on your website.

Include / Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from HTML Sitemap

You can add/remove URLs of Products Category CMS and any other page using HTML Sitemap also.

Using this extension you can manage Search Engine over your content. And the link juices to other websites from your website. Change the Meta Robots tags of your Products, categories and CMS page to allow/disallow the web crawlers to crawl and index your page on their SERPs.

Key Features

Enable No-Index No-Follow Meta Robot Tag

With this extension, you can control on web crawlers to access pages on your website in the following ways. No-index, No-follow Stop search engine to index and following links on your website.

Index, No-follow Using this extension you have the authority to do that the Crawlers can Index your website Links but not follow them.

No-index, Follow Restrict crawlers to follow the links on your website and not allow to index the links.

Index, Follow(Default) By default the web crawlers can Index and Follow links on your website. But you can set them according to your needs with this extension.

Configure Meta Robots Tags for Products, Categories, & CMS Page

Like links, you can configure Products, Categories, and CMS Pages to No-index and No-follow to web crawlers.

Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension allows you to create an elegant brands landing page to let customers shop by brand. Display all the brands in a separate landing page featuring an intelligent search bar, filter manufacturers alphabetically and display the number of products next to each brand name. With this extension, you can also create a separate brands pages to display the products of each brand. Enable a featured slider to highlight some of the top brands right on the face of your eCommerce website. You can display featured slider on brands listing page & homepage as well.

Key Features:

  • A dedicated brands listings page
  • Brand detail page featuring products for each manufacturer
  • Exhibit top brands in a featured slider
  • Display featured slider on home page
  • Enable search box, alphabetical filters
  • Add shop by brand link to header & footer
  • Restrict brands to selected store views
  • Display brand logo on product pages
  • Configure brands’ SEO

FME Matrix based pricing extension allows you to add a 2-dimensional pricing model to your store. You can price & sell products by creating & uploading a custom CSV file for calculating the price. You can create a Global or product specific CSV file and upload it at the backend. This extension supports multiple measurement units like meter, mm, cm, feet, inches. Display input fields (length, width or height) on the product page. Merchants can price & sell carpets, tiles, wallpaper sheets, flooring, rugs, blinds, banners, Ads printing, print art, etc.

Key Features:

  • Product Pricing through CSV Matrix Sheet
  • 2 Dimensional Pricing based on length, width or height
  • Calculates Price in Fractions
  • Custom message for minimum value & maximum value
  • Customize message for size not found message
  • Works with configurable products

You can price & sell 2 dimensional products like Blinds, Carpet, Tiles, Flooring, Print Art, Wallpaper Sheets, Rugs, Banners, etc.

Check Matrix based pricing Uses Cases with Examples here -

FME Extensions is up with premium, fully loaded Magento 2 Gift Wrap extension which offers gift packing option on eCommerce stores. Using this extension, you can add as many gift wrap designs as you want to your online store. Add these gift wraps on product pages and checkout pages. With each gift wrap, it's availability status can be shown as well, to let the user know, wither this wrap design is available OR not. If you don't want specific customers to view gift wrap option, you can restrict their access from viewing the gift wrap option using this Magento 2 gift wrap. The best part is that, these gift wraps are customize-able, as you can add name, greeting text and image as well. You can customize the labels of gift wrap fields to clarify its meaning on multiple events like Order Summary, Popup, and Production option. Free lifetime support and upgrades makes this extension worth buying.

Key Features of Magento 2 gift wrap

• Add unlimited appealing gift wrap designs

• Assign products and price to wraps

• Show availability status of each gift wrap

• Create various gift types like, birthdays, weddings etc.

• Limit gift wraps to specific store views

• Customize gift wrap option label

• Display gift wrap price on cart and checkout step

With Magento 2 Call for Price extension, you can keep the product prices out of the sight to increase user interaction. It sets you free to use ‘Call for Price’ instead of mentioning price, just to build interest and curiosity. Also, you can hide the buttons like, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Add to Wish List’, ‘Add to Compare’ and use the customized text in replacement. You can set up conditions with every rule you create to control the price display on store view or catalog. It enables you to utilize an Ajax-powered ‘Get a Quote' popup form to amass user data and offer them special pricing. Or, you can enter an alternative URL to redirect your potential buyers to a page that displays more captivating deals and discount offers. It empowers you to exclude some of your products and customers from price-hide rules.

Key Features

• Free lifetime support and upgrades

• You can restrict multiple store views to view the product price

• Add custom text as a replacement of price tag, add to cart, add to wish-list etc

• Gather valuable data about customers through ‘Get a quote’ form to offer enticing deals and discounts.

• You can allow specific customers and store views to avoid hide price rules

• You can setup google reCaptcha, auto reply email and admin email notification settings

For More Details and Demo Visit -

With Magento Checkout Attributes extension, you can create and customize additional fields to intake more valuable information from your customers while they place an order. Magento Checkout Attributes extension offers 8 different field types to help you easily intake a specific form of information from your potential customers. Magento Checkout Attributes extension allows you to setup input validation for the fields you create to ensure the users enter correct form of information. Customers can get to know about the options they have opted in email invoices and PDF documents. Select store views and custom groups to restrict the display of additional fields to specific users of your online store using Magento 2 order attributes. Provide tooltip information to elaborate the purpose of a custom attribute when a user position mouse arrow on it.

Key Features

• You can add custom fields to checkout pages

• Free lifetime support and upgrades

• You can control the display of each checkout attribute as per your marketing and outreach policy

• Types of custom checkout fields are:

        -  Text Field

        -  Text Area

        -  Date

        -  Yes/No

        -  Multi-Select

        -  Drop down

        -  Radio Button

        -  Checkbox

• Types of order input fields include:

        -  Decimal number

        -  Integer

        -  Email

        -  URL

        -  Letters – Alphabets

        -  Alphanumeric - Letters (a-z, A-Z) or Numbers (0-9)

Achieve mobile-responsiveness for the 41 Magento default Email Templates for better display and presentation using Magento 2 email templates. Select any of the 3 themes for beautifying transactional emails. You can choose Blue Lagoon, White and Red tux, or Orange Peak. You can provide social media links to include your business profiles in the email content for maximum exposure. In Magento email templates mobile responsive themes further improve the readability of your e mail.

Key Features

• Free lifetime support and lifetime upgrades

• Turn the conventional email templates to mobile-responsive ones

• Add a charm to transaction emails with the help of captivating themes

• Maximize social media exposure by adding social links to the email content

• The cool and eye-appeasing themes make it easier to differentiate between various email messages

Magento 2 Size Chart extension allows you to display product size guide so that customers can select and order the right size. You can create, customize, and assign an unlimited number of size charts to your store items using Magento 2 size chart. Upload an image, enter data, or import size charts. Define rules to assign size charts to specific products by their attributes. This Magento size chart empowers you to display size guide in a popup or a separate content tab. Configure styling of the size charts and limit them to selected store views.

Key Features

• Create & Customize Size Charts for Products

• Set Conditions to Assign Size Charts to Specific Products

• Upload a Size Guide Image & Add Chart Data

• Display Size Chart in a Tab or Popup

• Restrict Size Charts to Store Views

• Import Chart Data

Magento 2 Canonical URL extension helps you remove duplicate content issues from your eCommerce website that not only improves search engine ranking but also avoid penalties. Communicate the relationship between multiple pages and categories so that the search robots show the high authority version. Easy to enable or disable canonicalization on any page the admin of the website. The application of canonicals to pagination and layered-navigation pages further elaborates the relationship of products and categories to the search engine. Below are the features and link of the product.

Key Features

• Add Canonical URLs to products, categories, CMS pages

• Add Canonical tags to a custom or Store URL

• Exclude Canonical Meta tag on certain pages

• Allow Canonical tags to pagination, layered navigation pages

• Add rel="next" and rel="prev" to catalog pagination

• Add trailing slash for canonical Meta tag

Magento 2 maintenance and coming soon extension will help you to set up a maintenance and coming soon page on your E-Commerce website with a click. During modification enable the maintenance page to keep the user away from visiting the website which is under temporary maintenance. Customize Coming soon page to create anticipation about new arrivals on website. Below are the key features and link of the product.

• Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon and Live are the website modes

• Enable Maintenance Mode with countdown timer

• Customizable coming soon page

• Videos and sliders for Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode pages

• Add IP addresses to white-list your website users.

Magento 2 photo gallery extension by FME allows you to display product images on product, category or CMS pages. Configure the size, light box frame, image slider and load images through Ajax. With FME Magento 2 photo gallery extension users can view photos in a nice & eye-catching lightbox. You can display images in different layouts and allow the users to share the images on social media.


  • Creates a separate photo gallery page
  • Link images to related product pages
  • Display photo albums on category pages
  • Display photos in attractive lightbox
  • Upload multiple photos simultaneously
  • Restrict image gallery by store view
  • Show image name and caption

Magento 2 GDPR extension by FME make your eCommerce store in compliance with the GDPR. You can grant access to customers to delete their account or export their data. Display “Forget Me” option and display cookie consent. With this Magento 2 GDPR compliance extension, you can add checkboxes on registration page regarding privacy policy & terms & conditions. You can also enable data protection officer (DPO) contact form and provide a DPO email address.


  • Make Your Online Store GDPR Compliance
  • Create and Communicate a Cookie Policy
  • Permit Users to Delete Profile Accounts
  • Allow Customers to Delete all Orders
  • Let the Users Unsubscribe the Newsletter
  • Add Checkboxes for Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy

Partial Payment Magento 2 extension by FME allows you to sell products and services at custom-made installment plans. You can configure layaway pricing for specific products or all the products. Set down payment, total installments, & duration to create layaway plans. You can create product specific & global layaway plans in your store.


  • Charge layaway fee
  • Charge layaway fee per product or order
  • Layaway orders section in customer account
  • Global & product specific layaway plans
  • Allow down-payments to be calculated before or after the discounts
  • Customize labels

Magento 2 blog extension enables you to create an attractive and SEO friendly blog in your Magento eCommerce store. You can publish articles, images, videos, user manuals and promote your products. Create unlimited categories, articles, moderate blog comments, Facebook comments and enable Google captcha to avoid spam comments. With this Magento 2 blog extension, you can configure blog layout to display articles in grid view or in list view and show different blocks to showcase comments, categories, recent articles and allow the visitors to search the blog using the search field.

Key Features:

  • Create a Responsive SEO Friendly Blog
  • Create Unlimited Blog Categories
  • Add Featured Image
  • Add Articles Tab to Product Pages
  • Customize Banner Slider Animation, Time Frame etc.
  • Add Images & Video gallery to blog articles
  • Configure Blog Meta Information
  • Assign Related Products and Articles to Each Post
  • Enable blocks for Recent Posts & FB Comments

Magento 2 Product Image Zoom enables the products image zooming on mouse hover and display them in a full lightbox preview. Magento 2 Product zoom extension is equipped with a variety of magnifier types. You can create multiple image zooming rules and configure mobile view. Using the zooming feature, customers can view the images in highest resolution. Key Features:

  • Add zoom magnifier to product images
  • Allow users to view images in lightbox
  • Create rules for zooming specific products
  • Zoom images of store view or customer group
  • Select zoom magnifier type and customize
  • Configure mobile view settings

FAQs + Product Questions Magento 2 extension by FME enables you to create an appealing product questions landing page and a separate product questions tab on every product page. This extension also integrates a simple and responsive “Ask a Question” form to FAQs landing page and every product page.

Some of the key features are:

  • Add FAQs To Product Pages
  • Separate Magento 2 FAQs Page
  • Let Customers “Ask A Question”
  • Create Multiple Magento 2 FAQ Topics / Categories
  • Allow Existing Customers to Answer FAQs
  • FAQs Block to Highlight Questions on Any Page
  • Display FAQs In Accordion Style
  • Enable FAQs Rating, Like/Dislike Feature
  • Configure Email Notifications
  • Product Questions Customer Account Page
  • FAQs Display Filters for Admin
  • FAQs Display Filters for Customers

Want your website developed in the world's most famous eCommerce platform, Magento? Hire Magento dedicated web developers from FMEextensions - a company known for Magento custom development solutions since 2009. FME has worked with hundreds of SMBs across the globe and have more than 10,000 satisfied customers.

Hire Magento web developers from FME and avail the following services:

  • Magento Installation / Upgradation
  • Theme Customization & Development
  • Extension Development & Installation
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Magento Website Redesign
  • Magento Integration Solutions
  • Magento Data Migration
  • Magento speed optimization

FMEextensions is a Magento eCommerce development Firm established in 2009. FME has developed 120+ free & premium Magento extensions & themes for both Magento Community & Enterprise editions.

FME specializes in:

  • Magento Custom Development
  • Magento Consultancy
  • Magento Extension Installation
  • Magento Dedicated Developer
  • Magento Speed Optimization
  • Brand Identity
  • Magento Data Migration
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Magento E-Commerce Store Design
  • Magento Installation / Upgrade

Magento GeoIP store switcher extension by FME allows you create multiple storefronts and automatically redirect the visitors to the regional storefront. This Magento GeoIP store switcher extension automatically detects the visitor real-time location. Visitors can also manually change the storefront using the store switcher popup at the footer of the webpage. Another exciting feature of this store switcher is IP Exceptions which allows you to grant access to specific IP addresses to visit your store from the blocked country or region.

Key Features

  • Setup separate store views for each country/region
  • Detects visitor’s current location
  • Enable/Disable auto-store switching
  • Prioritize redirection rules
  • Import Maxmind GeoIP database
  • Multi-store supported

Magento custom registration form attributes extension by FME enables you to create customer attribute and place them anywhere in user registration form & account pages. Set default value for each custom attribute, show/hide the custom fields and restrict them by specific customer groups. Using this Magento custom registration form extension, you can make the custom fields mandatory or non-mandatory. This extension supports multiple input validations like Decimal Number, Integer Number, Email Address, URL, Date, etc.

this extension supports following input/output fields.

  • File
  • Image
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Message Only
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No
  • Radio
  • Check box fields

Magento custom checkout fields extension by FME allows you to add custom fields to any section of the checkout page & registration form. You can add multiple type of custom order fields and show them in invoice emails, shipping PDFs. You can also make them mandatory or non-mandatory. Using this Magento custom checkout extension, you can add custom fields to specific products, categories and restrict them by creating different customer groups. This extension also supports input validation like email, date, URL, integer, letter, etc.

You can add following type of custom checkout fields:

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Message Only
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No
  • Radio
  • Check boxes

FME Magento Product Questions extension enables you to create a FAQs section & a separate product questions tab on every product page along with a responsive “Ask A Question” form in your online store. Customers can place their queries right on the product page by filling the Ask a Question form. All the questions & answers are properly moderated by the admin.


  • Ask A Question Form on frontend
  • Email alerts for admin & users
  • Admin Moderation
  • FAQs shown in threaded view
  • FAQs Landing Page
  • FAQs rating

FME Magento Store Locator extension by FME enables you to display physical locations in your website on a separate store finder page empowered with Google Map. Display all the physical locations, service centers, stores, etc. on the store locator page along with complete address, product slider, and search filters. You can not only highlight the store locations via Google Map but customers can also get the shortest path towards the desired store using the “Get Directions” button.

Key Features:

  • Separate Store Finder page
  • Show Business Locations Using Google Maps
  • Detects Customers Current Location
  • Attach Attribute Labels
  • Search by Product, Country, State, Zip Code
  • Import Stores through CSV

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