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Trainings can be especially challenging with a heterogeneous audience. For Stämpfli I have repeatedly provided trainings for project managers, sales and customer support employees to help them with their daily work in a digital agency.

Every two months there is the Magento meetup in Aachen, Germany. If you would like to attend or offer a talk, let us know. I can especially recommend our annual Christmas edition with mulled wine and a visit at Aachen Christmas Market.

MageUnconference 6 years ago

An Unconference means: community, talks, coffee breaks, learning, talking, drinking. You can do everything, but you don't have to.

Embracing Change 7 years ago

Whether we want it or not, we all change. In 2015, I’ve changed a lot – in my life and myself. I moved (about 500 km), left behind my family and friends, started working at a different company and changed my day-to-day work tasks. I also changed my hobbies. I have a few tips how to make changes easier for yourself.

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