Artistsnetwork 4 years ago

Artistsnetwork Magazine. Featuring AJAX Cart, Catalog, F+W Email Preference System, F+W Customized Downloadable Products and Subscriptions

Utilizes couchbase as the caching backend for all types of Magento Cache.

Session Extension:

Lead developer in major system integration project for The solution was eventually certified by Magento ECG.

Completeness Checks - A profile which validated the data integrity of a product offering beyond the simple form field check in Magento Admin.

Couchbase Caching Backend Driver - Automatic failover and N+1 NoSQL Database.

Integration of a custom catalog product image framework. Capacity planning and performance bottlenecks. System administration. Automated tests. Build and deployment.

Integration for custom credit card and paypal mule based payment system. 2 new payment methods for Radial Credit Card and Paypal setup.

Performances tax quotations based on billing address. Makes 2 calls, tax quotation for cart based transactions, and once the order ships a final tax invoice. API's are sent to a Mule service infront of Vertex.

Utilizing 41st parameter javascript collector, connects Magento to a Mule based Rest API Service to performance a Risk Analysis and sets order statuses based on the response from the service.

Developed the extension based on these specifications:

The Quilting Company 4 years ago

Another system integration I was apart of... same ecommerce team stood this site up as and I specifically wrote some jQuery to report in analytics to Adobe DTM and migrated previous internal code from Ultimo to Porto Theme.

Family Tree Magazine 4 years ago

Family Tree Magazine Ultimo Theme Custom Integration.

Interweave 5 years ago

Interweave, crafting hobbyist enthusiast site. Specific contributions: Preference Center (login to see it). Auth0 / WebSSO integration. Backend searching optimizations for a huge customer base (over 1 million customers). Hosted on AWS. Amasty, Magestore, and other 3rd Party extensions integrated in. Feeds integration for Channel Advisor custom written.

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