Pleasant Hill Grain 6 years ago

Pleasant Hill Grain is an extremely customized Magento build. The website originated as a hand-built, manually-updated site built on While it served the purpose, Pleasant Hill Grain was quickly outgrowing the limitations inherent with this type of solution.

SwiftOtter worked with Pleasant Hill Grain to create over 50 modules to customize how the website would interact with their business processes. This has meant tremendous streamlining in every day processes, from the automation of backorder notifications, inventory management, review automation and many other things.

That's not to mention that the site is lightning fast on the frontend. The custom-built theme is fully responsive, built on the latest technologies.

We have helped them improve their conversion rate throughout the entire website. The goal is to find areas of friction in the buying process and then to solve those.

Our hypothesis was that by helping customers get to products faster, they will buy more. This was validated by a 10% conversion rate increase (for those who searched), and an overall 3% sales increase.

We used Algolia as the search provider. It is very fast, but their Magento module was not built with the best coding standards. As such, we also rebuilt the majority of the frontend for the search auto-complete, making auto-complete even faster.

Gracious May + Snugars + Bushka sell high-quality, hand-made apparel and accessories. SwiftOtter partnered with them to develop a beautiful web experience. Over the years, we have continued to optimize it. This includes checkout optimizations aimed at boosting mobile experience, integration of a custom-built blog integration and other enhancements.

Built recipe module 6 years ago

The goal was to build a module that would allow a user to enter a recipe and submit it to the Magento site. An administrator would then moderate the recipes and publish them for other users to view. The module handled taxonomy (including authors and categories), images, complex ingredient and direction structure, dynamic product linking, and integration with catalog products.