Bella Maria's 4 years ago

A new fashion accessories site with 8000 loaded products, (not all enabled) based on Magento 2. This site complements the popular brick retail store. I've implemented some synchronization with POS, using custom PHP/MySQL and have integrated 3d party extensions.

A UK based agency that builds Magento platforms for their clients had been handling the paid search ads in-house. Whilst they were conscious there was plenty of potential they didn't have the knowledge or time to invest in growing it.

Our goal was to reduce the Ad Cost over Sale and then increase spend whilst maintaining a positive ACoS. In order to achieve these goals we rebuilt the entire account, putting into place a granular structure. To do this effectively we took the time to meet the team and ensure that we understood as much about the business as possible, what they hoped to get from their ad spend, and exactly who their target audience was.

Taking the time at the start to work closely with client allowed us to create a structure that maximised quality scores as well as efficiently optimise bids based on which search terms are converting.

As a result of the new structure, we reduced the ACoS from 33% to 11% and as a consequence we were able to increase the budget and raise the number of sales generated by 223%

The Job: Get a sweet YouTube video done by the Resident Youtuber In Chief of the Magento community to the sound of "I need a heeeeero". The Outcome: Watch & See

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