Projects 5 years ago

Continuous development for a high volume (2k+ orders per day) fashion store:

  • custom import/exports
  • Apple Pay custom implementation
  • performance optimizations
  • custom marketing campaigns
  • administrative support

This is whole project is based on heavy customization.if we say that we used magento as a framework for this project. As we used simple product as virtual product to generate our required output for the place order.

Royal Robbins 5 years ago

Huge Аmerican site of everyday close. Based on responsive design, has advanced filters and navigation features, has trusted store extension, configurable products

VALMANO 5 years ago

VALMANO - store with design jewellery, watches and unique gifts.

Custom development from scratch.

Magento 2 Ajax Cart 4 years ago

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension allows configuration of Magento Cart with AJAX for better performance.

Help customers on your store to add or remove items in the cart without having to wait for page loading with Magesales' Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension.

Improve your store's user experience and give a better shopping experience to your customers with Magento 2 Ajax Cart.

Features of Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension:

  • Allow Customers to add product to cart and choose its options (quantity, size, color…) right from Product Listed page, without going to Product page
  • After adding products to Magento ajax shopping cart in product page/listing page, Customers can choose to continue shopping or checkout right away
  • Update product’s options without going back to product page and update cart without page refreshing
  • Easy to add, edit, delete, remove products which have been added to cart
  • Add a product to wishlist and comparison list using Ajax. The product then can be added to cart directly
  • Admin can use animation effect for Ajax cart, making products fly to Mini cart or My cart link
  • Display related products/ up-sell products/ cross-sell products in confirmation box so Customers can add them to cart instantly.
  • Set countdown time to urge Customers to check out right away.
  • A merchant can configure payment method for each website.
  • Customize notification box position and notification delay time
  • Auto-close confirmation dialog after X second (Set 0 or leave blank to disable)
  • Support all types of simple product, configurable, downloadable, virtual and bundle products
  • Multistore & Multi-Language Supported
  • 100% Open Source Coding
  • Free Lifetime Support & Free Lifetime Extension Upgrades

For more information, visit:

Frontend and Backend development, created all HTML+CSS from PSD.

This is a Magento Multistore for a Frozen Foods company franchise, where each franchisee has a view of the same Magento admin, but only with information for its store. It was created an advanced permission system on admin, so the store owner can set the view for each franchisee and assign admin users to each store view.

The frontend works all with AJAX calls, so you can browse all products and categories directly on homepage, and form the homepage go to checkout. It’s useful since the customer only needs to buy a meal in a quick way.

UPDATE: Looks like client removed the site. This is a project from 2015 when I worked for a company in Brazil, once I left the company I had no more contact with the project. :/

Ajaxcart 5 years ago

An extension that lets the user update the configurable options and quantity of a product without refreshing the normal cart page (/checkout/cart).

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