Ryman Stationary 6 years ago

I was involved in the migration of Ryman's Magento EE upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14. Writing enhancement features (Ajax Cart, catalog pages) and well as reworking the theme and design.

Ecommerce was done modern IT technology that allows web-site works very fast.

Travis Mathew 5 years ago - project role - tech lead, lead project developer Magento Enterprise 1.14 , PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, jQuery, Prototype.js Development of the project from scratch . Main features that were implemented : Default magento checkout rebuild from 5 steps checkout to 3 step checkout , implement product edit tool on checkout review step create Quickview feature - popup with products carusel (that can be configured from admin panel and inserted to any CMS page\block) , ajax add to cart for any product type (with configurable or bundle options) create Quickbuy feature - add configurable product options options on listing and any product grid type (swatches colors, size are available on products listing for add to cart by ajax ), Ajax pagination on products listing (on page scroll load additional products) Implementing editable product configurable options to ajax minicart (with product options edit feature) ajax add to cart product child categories preview (new listing type that shows subcategories and products with ajax pagination) FPC issues fix “Contact us” requests export via email Page load optimization

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