1. Search Engine
  2. Layout rebuild with new Serach By Vehicle view
  3. Maintenance
  4. Security Patch installation
  5. Data Feed fixes
UPS Battery Center 3 years ago

Magento 1 build:

  • Algolia integration
  • custom OMS integration
  • SEO improvements

Migrated RealSt Performance from Drupal Commerce to a highly customized Magento 2 implementation.

Migrated this store from osCommerce to Magento 2.2 with some customizations

Prodealcenter 4 years ago

Agri parts shop build with Magento 1. I was working on the project almost from the start. Project had a lot of performance problems related to catalog size (> 700k products). After a lot of improvements current response time for most of the pages is less < 200-300ms.

Our web agency fell in love with Algolia and uses it now with all its e-commerce customers.

In this talk, I showed you how search can improve conversion rates. From case studies and funny stories, it revealed how one agency that fell in love with Algolia implemented advanced search on eCommerce platforms and improved their key business metrics

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