Magento 1.9 website

• Custom warehouse and stock management

• Amazon, ebay integration using M2e Pro

Eventually they moved to a PeopleVox integration for their warehouse

Our team participated into fun and challenging project acting as technical specialists on a project similar to Uber, Lyft and Juno but targeting cargo transportation industry. Although there were several competitors on the market already such as Trucker Path, Convoy, Cargo Chief and Transfix product owners decided to proceed with the product launch and add more value to customers and carriers. Better pricing policy, smooth UX and wide network were the key factors to succeed and win the race.

Our team delivered an online store for a brand new nutrition products brand launched in France. It is targeting a wide range of audience by providing nutrition solutions for almost all sports to satisfy needs of both professional athletes and people doing healthy lifestyle.

Our team helped to launch a new startup to compete with traditional freelance websites targeting a specific category of customers that are looking for babysitter service and professionals that deliver such service. Core features of the project is to make customers and professionals to easily find and work with each other under strong safety and security services provided by the platform.

A UK based agency that builds Magento platforms for their clients had been handling the paid search ads in-house. Whilst they were conscious there was plenty of potential they didn't have the knowledge or time to invest in growing it.

Our goal was to reduce the Ad Cost over Sale and then increase spend whilst maintaining a positive ACoS. In order to achieve these goals we rebuilt the entire account, putting into place a granular structure. To do this effectively we took the time to meet the team and ensure that we understood as much about the business as possible, what they hoped to get from their ad spend, and exactly who their target audience was.

Taking the time at the start to work closely with client allowed us to create a structure that maximised quality scores as well as efficiently optimise bids based on which search terms are converting.

As a result of the new structure, we reduced the ACoS from 33% to 11% and as a consequence we were able to increase the budget and raise the number of sales generated by 223%

Battery Central 10 years ago

I was working on front and back end, customizing layouts, style sheets, developing CMS pages, configurable products dynamic selection,System notification applications,Configure Search functionalities on Search engine, version control system(SVN) used,Price calculators and price rules, update or create Magento plugins, Product Attributes, upgrade Magento to newer version, create sort functions on products such as price, color, Name fast and optimized that amazon bought the Batterycentral and is going to have a section specifically for Lenmar Batteryfinder, which was a great success for our Company.

I did almost all the PDP and home. I did an integration with the Kindle delivery system so downloadable items can be sent to client kindle in the moment. I did an integration with Algolia (adapting their extension to our filter logic) I did a goodreads parser in order to show goodreads reviews in the PDP I customised the mini cart I customised the checkout process I did a extension to ingrate MixPanel with all the common magento events.

  • Development of Magento webshop
  • Integration with
  • Amazon marketplace integration
  • B2B Preorder system
  • Sofort Payment method via Strype

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