MEEVO HealthCare GmbH 4 years ago is an online shop for selling medical supplies. MEEVO sells over 100k products. Several products have more than 6000 configurable variants. The infrastructure is built in AWS. Its all autoscaling and high available.

Amazon S3(Amazon Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage service offered by AWS(Amazon Web Service). Amazon S3 is based on CDN(Content Delivery Network) which stores multiple copies of content on strategically distributed servers. And dynamically measures which server is nearest to the requesting client and accordingly delivers fast content.

Magento 2 Amazon S3 Extension is a useful module for the downloadable products of your Magento store. The module enables the admin to upload files of downloadable products from their local disk to Amazon server.

After uploading the files, the admin receives a link using which the customers can download the file from the Amazon server. And will experience faster site load or page loads due to unnecessary pause elimination and cater heavy traffic.

Fba Suppport 3 years ago

This is a Amazon Affiliate web app, which help Amazon sellers to find the profitable products and manage the sales instead of complicated Excel working. I've built this website by Ruby on Rails and React JS.

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