Performed full Security Audit, identified and removed malicious code and entry points. Improved security by moving to a hardened custom AWS environment and got store whitelisted within 2 days. Setup version controlled multi-developer workflow with Github.

Missbella 2 months ago

Missbella is a Brazilian brand of women's clothing, where we work on creating a new store with Magento to expand sales throughout the nacional territory.

EPoliceSupply 2 months ago

EPoliceSupply is a leading vendor for police badges, fire badges, insignia and leather products from the leading manufacturers. They are national dealers for Smith & Warren, Blackinton, Perfect Fit Leather and Strong Leather.

B2B and B2C store implementation.

  • Custom development of wholesale portal for dealers
  • Enhanced Reporting system
  • ERP integration
  • Front-end development
  • Payment gateway implementation
  • Shipping gateway implementation
  • RMA system
  • T-shirt configurator implementation
  • Security and performance improvements

About Organization: The name “No Man Walks Alone” was borrowed from a line by Humphrey Bogart to Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. It is a nod to the idea that there are many men who, like you and us, reject the uninspiring conformity offered by the fashion industry, and instead value original design, thoughtful details, quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Project Details: The Project “No Man Walks Alone” is Ecommerce solution for custom clothes selling. The client wanted a website that they could use to sell a vast range of clothes and accessories; they offer to sell in a custom offer as per the user size. We designed a bespoke look and feel and developed the website using Magento platform, the result was a nice and clean professional Magento eCommerce online store. From the website, Users can browse through a wide range of clothes available. Users need able to select custom size depends on body able to choose all the accessory size as well. To help manage the sites we will create inventory managements system, also Integrated Ship-work and ERP system with Magento Backend

Features: • Inventory Management.nt. • Makers: Brand Managements specific landing interface and dynamic product listing/grid integration. • Product Page: Customize clothes according to users SIZE ZE & FIT. • Added Wishlist items also yielding the products via various social media ia • Gallery: After Purchased product bestowing the Photos with outfits
• Affiliate program, quick ordering for bulk buyers, author biography, endorsements and other web resource integrationn • Tumblr Feed Integrations.. • Added mobile and tablet compatibility for GME Supply shop to cater web-content delivery in a compact screens.

About Organization: Ronen Chen is a World Famous Designer based in Israeli. According to Xnet, he is the most widely distributed and internationally known Israeli fashion designer

Project Details: The Project Ronen Chen is Ecommerce solution for selling custom design dress. The client wanted a website that they could use to sell a vast range of products. We designed a bespoke look and feel and developed a website using Magento platform, the result was a nice and clean professional Magento eCommerce online store.

Features: • Modern yet clean design interfacesces • Responsive • One Page Checkoutout • Designed back office ERP system. • Facebook, Twitter, Social media Integrations.. • Performing catalog segregation and resettled navigation classification to ensure better product findings. • Integrated WordPress blogging platform to closely tie-in content publishing, articles, guides, endorsements of real outdoor adventurers and other resources • Codebase version upgrade to a stable release Magento CE v1.

Project Details: The Project AstaSupreme is a multi-store eCommerce website. There are multiple products displayed on the website to purchase. Users can view details of the product and can purchase them through a payment process available. There is also another module included on the website like Articles, Testimonials, and Store Locator.

We have done a lot of customization with the store such as integration Xero, Sugar CRM, Order Customization, front-end customization on user role.

Users can register themselves with the site and became a member. Registered members can create Wishlist and can also manage orders & address book as well as give their review and ratings.

Features: • XERO Integration: To manage multi-store setup for the website.te. • Store Locator: Easy search and locate store locations on Google Map with ease by just selecting region and location.on. • Sugar CRM Integration.. • Order Customization.on. • User role Customization.. • Multi-store & Multilingual setup. o o o

• Affiliates Program.m.


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Tracking down bottlenecks in quote table under very high concurrency/load for a flash sale site for Black Friday
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