Frederique's Choice 1 year ago

Reviewed and rebuilt server infrastructure to follow Magento's optimal server configuration. Debugged and fixed various back-end bugs, worked on Paazl and FedEx international shipping integration. Reconfigured Varnish caching infrastructure which fixed inconsistent behavior between multiple web nodes.

Pilip Healthcare 1 year ago

Pilip Healthcare is a unique company offering medical care to their patients through a health care subscription plan. Once an account is created, a patient has the ability to submit a healthcare assessment, which is an interactive advanced questionnaire which helps create an initial diagnosis for a patient. Once an assessment is received a patient is automatically scheduled for a video conference in which the patient and doctor can speak to each other and the doctor can make an official diagnosis and prescribe medication where necessary. The subscription to the health plan is handled via recurring payments and helps Dr. Pilip achieve a supplemental monthly recurring revenue model addition to his physical brick and mortar practice.

I worked with Dr. Pilip through the logo design process, branding, business model, technical planning, wireframes, front-end development, back-end development and hosting. This is an example of my work as a managed services provider.

Performed full Security Audit, identified and removed malicious code and entry points. Improved security by moving to a hardened custom AWS environment and got store whitelisted within 2 days. Setup version controlled multi-developer workflow with Github.

We developed an unique p2p marketplace solution for local food experience. People who visit a new place can get local food experience by visiting authentic places. Solution allows to browse all hosts, specify dates and make online reservations with payments.

Bondi Sands 3 weeks ago

We moved Bondi Sands website to a new hosting infrastructure, which supports the company’s ambitious growth plans. A cloud hosting solution at Amazon Web Services, architected provides greater reliability, redundancy and scalability for less cost than the incumbent hosting provider. Bondi Sands website is now primed for unexpected peak load thanks to auto-scaling mechanism employed.

Interweave 1 year ago

Interweave, crafting hobbyist enthusiast site. Specific contributions: Preference Center (login to see it). Auth0 / WebSSO integration. Backend searching optimizations for a huge customer base (over 1 million customers). Hosted on AWS. Amasty, Magestore, and other 3rd Party extensions integrated in. Feeds integration for Channel Advisor custom written.


New! Magento Scaling Expert Contract Hourly Private
Anywhere Starting now 65% Response Rate
Tracking down bottlenecks in quote table under very high concurrency/load for a flash sale site for Black Friday
High Traffic
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Magento 1
Open Frankfurt, DE Starting now 74% Response Rate
€40k to €60k
Sitewards GmbH is searching for experienced PHP web developers to join our Frankfurt or Leipzig based team
Backend Development
Magento 2
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Magento 1

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