Google Analytics segments customers by their origin. We used this data to adjust our marketing campaigns and move our budget to the best performing sources of paid traffic.

  • We believed that before making a purchase our customers visited more than once via different channels.
  • We believed that optimizing the channels that drive Last Click conversions was a mistake. We thought that optimizing the channels earlier in the purchase funnel would have a bigger impact on conversion rate.

We used the Multi-Channel Funnels reports to work out how our Channels (i.e. Organic Search, Referral, Email) worked together. How much time passed between a customer’s first interaction and the purchase and how much revenue ($) assisting Channels make.

Due to changes of business strategy and rebranding Dahlsens commissioned Magenable to downgrade their website from Magento Enterprise to Magento Community and then create a new, responsive design with improved UX.

The job includes defining KPIs to track and setting up tracking through Google Analytics.

The Quilting Company 5 years ago

Another system integration I was apart of... same ecommerce team stood this site up as and I specifically wrote some jQuery to report in analytics to Adobe DTM and migrated previous internal code from Ultimo to Porto Theme.

Built a custom dashboard interface that allows clients to see their own sales history, inventory, and manage key product attributes.

Upgrade your Admin Dashboard with the most complete Dashboard Extension for Magento. 50+ stats/reports right on your dashboard!

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