Projects 4 years ago

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Oracle SAP ERP Integration Large number of customizations

Extension communicates to a laravel app API (That I also built) Fairly complicated setup to determine when products can be shipped to you at the appropriate time to grow in your region, in as few shipments as possible.

Based on product purchase orders, amount on hand, sales in the system, warehouse capacity (how backed up the warehouse is), your growing zone looked up from zipcode and a few other factors figures out when a product should ship. Based on AMI's "secret sauce" also figures out what product shipments can be merged together to minimize individual shipment costs to the company while delivering the most products as soon as possible to the customer.

The Laravel app does much of the calculations involved, it was created as a stand alone API so that the ERP system could also leverage the same shipment logic. 3 years ago

Created a custom module for contact us and Export module. Fixed backend related bugs. Export module will synchronise product stock and order to an ERP and will notify the admin via email if it fails the process.

Kippy, magento 2 3 years ago

I've worked as lead backend developer in this website, supporting the migration from a native website to magento 2. I've configured and edited the magento API to support a custom guest checkout.

Magento eShop 5 years ago

It's an ecommerce website for technical domain which provides user with an experience to buy 3D printers online with a feature to see the working of the device through a video before buying it. It provides user with an interface which is quite easy to use. It provides various options to user to technically know about the product, the customer wants to buy so that the customer can clear all his/her doubts before making a purchase decision.

We started with analysis of what is being demanded by the client which is then designed and optimized through UI .And with the help of technical analysis and choosing integration pattern prototypes are being developed. These prototypes are then implemented to Magento engine on local hosts. After further testing and debugging with the help of analytical surveys and world class developers at hand, the website is being launched on the web. NEEDS Client needs consisted of

  • Maintenance - Module development - Design up gradation - JS minification for validation and functionalities - CSS minification for improvement of look and feel - Theme integration/Customization. In short the client needed a whole platform to run his business online in an efficient manner.

Project Name: Celcom EStore Role: Senior Consultant (Magento) Team Size: 25 Magento Version: Magento 2.2 – Enterprise Technical Skills: PHP, XML, Magento 2.X., Rest API, CRM URL: Responsibilities: ● Interaction with clients to gather requirements. ● Managed the Team ● Magento 2 Unit Test Execution ● API – Magento Integration

Payment Integration 3 years ago
  • Moneris
  • Paybox
  • PSiGate
  • Payeezy
  • Skrill 3 years ago

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