ESG Edelmetall-Handel 8 months ago

Magento 1 B2C Shop with ERP integration and custom product pricing based live precious metal rates.

BareBones WorkWear 4 years ago

Architected and developed an in-house OMS system. Helped redesign and re-launch the site on a custom responsive theme. Developed a full integration with a 3rd party shipping service to allow for seamless international shipping. Architected and implemented a Magento to RICS POS integration. Profiled, optimized and improved performance issues related to very large attribute value data sets. Installed, configured and integrated SOLR 4.x search with Magento. Architected and fully integrated with Negistics Returns service. Helped investigate and debug Mercent / Amazon merchant integration.

sc Leovardia 8 months ago

For our local football club we first developed a basic Magento environment. Mostly because the people who managed the clothing needed a system to keep their stock up-to-date, etc. After that, we decided to add a webshop to the environment, so we actually enabled the frontend of the webshop.

We already had a website, running on a custom CMS framework. The problem was, that this framework was outdated and we weren't able to upgrade this anymore. Since we're both experienced Magento developers, we started thinking of merging the website and webshop together, so we could manage everything in one system.

At this moment, the Magento installation contains a webshop, a stock management system, narrowcasting and a website. The narrowcasting is used to display information, like rankings, results and fixtures within the clubhouse. All the results are live updated, based on the official API of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). This means that shortly after a match has ended, it will be updated on the screens.

The website also shows this information and uses the same API integration. Also, since a football club has a lot of teams, with a lot of people in those teams, we decided to make it possible to get access for an account to one specific team page. This means that this person can update team information like staff, players, etc. and could also add information to any match his/her team plays, together with adding a Facebook Photo Album.

The project is still in development, with new features being added on a regular basis.

Integration: Newgistics Services 1000 hours 3 years ago

The client wanted to integrate with Newgistics service in order to better accommodate customer returns and make the overall return process a breeze for the visitors.

The integration consisted of:

  • Complete integration of CRUD API and Newgisticts via NuSOAP php library.
  • Generation of custom RMA PDFs based on the data from RMA provided by the client and responses from Newgistics.
  • Custom integration with USPS to allow customers to generate a free shipping labels and have USPS pickup at a provided date and time directly from the customers' home.


This was a tricky project because using PHP SOAP for API calls to Newgistics was failing due to custom security headers of the Microsoft .NET framework. and there was no flexible way to modify the native SOAP library in order to correctly generate valid XML documents. To overcome this issue NuSOAP php library was integrated into Magento to achieve desired functionally.

Another requirement was to allow guest and customers to generate RMAs via Magento. The RMA generation consisted of order and customer authentication, USPS pickup, generation of the packing slip of all or partial line items, tracking label generation via USPS API, calls to Newgistics for processing. Using Zend PDF interface the client wanted to generate custom PDF which would include the packing slip, USPS tracking labels and

I built a custom integration with a ColdFusion-based ERP with no existing API.

The customer needed several specific functions for their ERP integration:

  • Daily product imports from the ERP to Magento
  • Every 5 minute order submissions from Magento to the ERP
  • Real-time inventory updates from the ERP to Magento
  • Shipping notifications from the ERP to Magento
  • Gift card integration for both online and brick and mortar stores - all passed bi-directionally

This solution was built without the benefit of an ERP API.

The customer has been running this solution for 16 months and a total of only 10 trouble tickets have occurred in that time.

The Invoice PDF Generator is one of the most popular extensions for M2 PDF customization.

The project can be found here:,


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