Element Case 5 years ago

Authorize Net integration. Gateway 3D integration. Extend Magento core API adding custom fields. Changes on frontend for desktop and mobile according needs. Security patch upgrades. Module development BugFixing Frontend and Backend

Deployed a new Magento CE site using a Porto theme. The site is using; auth0 integration for logins, custom extension publishing to Talend, custom extension publishing feeds for Channel Advisor and Google and various other extensions. For this project new functionality created was building a "product of the month" feature that added to the Subscription extension from Milople, this allowed of a monthly subscription of different products. The client setup "kits" to build a larger quilt, they varied in number of sub products some were 8, 10 or 12 months, each month the customer would receive the next needed piece. The product list was contained as an attribute of the parent subscription product, an observer would review the monthly order, grab the list and send the correct product based which month's order was being shipped.

Extended the Subscriptions module to allow clients to have the experience of editing subscriptions, adding/removing products to a subscription, skipping and Pausing a subscription.

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