Riese und Müller is a high quality E-Bike manufacturer. We created a complex solution to handle more than 1.2 million combinable product options. The options are handled by an own Magento product type. The solution contains an embedded single page application based on AngularJS. Imports/Exports and the communication of the frontend components are driven by a clever designed REST interface.

Liebherr B2B 1 year ago

Liebherr is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world. By 2015 the company had grown to over 41,500 employees, with total annual sales of 9.2 billion Euros. The created Magento shop provides a solution for thousands of B2B customers. With 40 store views and more than one million products the shop processes successfully a lot of data.

eDarley 11 months ago

A full-fledged Magento Commerce 2.1 B2B & B2C site, including a custom in-house Organizations module, Quick Order module, and integration with Cart2Quote

ZOLL Webstore 2 years ago

Magento 1 EE B2B Build with custom Organizations, Approval Routing, My Devices, Quick Order, and ERP Integration

Developed the IDP Check Presenters site in Magento. They sell American Express branded check presenters that can be customized with an uploaded logo.

Lems Shoes 1 year ago

Lems needed to migrate off BigCommerce and to Magento 2. We provided full service support for the migration, helped them redesign their homepage and improve their UX in the process. The new Magento 2 site is much easier for the client to manage and customize, just as they wanted. It also includes custom B2B features for their logged in, wholesale customers.

Recently completed a project working on an multi lingual site integrating with clients Microsoft Axapta ERP platform. System included a multi warehouse stock setup, and ensured orders were sent to the correct geographical distribution centre for processing. The integration also covered stock balance and adjustment imports and exports.

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