When hired, the website was exceptionally basic, using simple tables for layout, and mostly broken CSS. I was the only Web Developer on the team. Within 6 months, I had programmed the entire website to function with Bootstrap, and be completely responsive. The Mobile Revenue generated, according to Google Analytics, shot up an amazing 7000% after this Responsive Design overhaul, using Bootstrap. After deployment to production, there of course were many tweaks and modifications to be made over time. I was directly employed as the in-house Web Developer for A.M. Leonard from 2010 - 2014. Uses Kalio Commerce CMS.

Worked with eCommerce Online Website Design and Manage Admin Like Magento, Big commerce, WordPress, Shopify and WooCommerce. • Magento development, customization, design and implementation, functionality upgrade, maintenance, database programming, Magento integration with Word Press, and adaptation for mobile platforms.

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