eDarley 1 year ago

A full-fledged Magento Commerce 2.1 B2B & B2C site, including a custom in-house Organizations module, Quick Order module, and integration with Cart2Quote

Complete Build of Magento Store 250 hours 1 year ago

I've built from the begging as a freelance allown. I developed many integration with Payment and shipping (Argentinian) methods or extend some that already exists to add customizations of the client . I also extended the API rest to be consumed by a mobile app. Is a site with traffic and have 20 -30 orders per day.

Selsiuz 1 year ago

Dutch company selling their own brand hot water taps

This is a module I'm very proud of. I've developed almost the whole module by myself. My goal was to create a very user-friendly support module.

A customer front end for buying insurances and managing your insurances (account). This was a Magento 1 Enterprise webshop which served as a front end for a multitude of backend systems: the insurance rule engine, a MongoDB for file exchange, email systems, social login and profiles, customer/ecommerce tracking, and more. The insurance rule engine was the portal to another multitude of insurance back end systems (customer data, damage claims/reports, fraud protection, data checks and more).

The communication was set up using XML over raw TCP and the data was described using the Dutch insurance industry XML standard. We had chosen to build multiple layers into the communication stream for managing the connection, sending and receiving the data, validating the data and handling errors and most importantly a conversion from the Dutch XML into Magento/OOP based models to provide a flexible backend to the frontend because of the constant changes in the structure of the XML and changes in this agile project that has been running for a few years.

Boy Scouts of America 2 months ago

Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2.2.1

B2B and B2C

Included extensive customizations and extension installations.

Body and Fitshop 2 years ago

MediaCT is specialized in Magento Enterprise Solutions. As your strategic partner in technology we deliver the highest quality in the implementation of eCommerce sites and the optimization of existing sites.

Valon Shop 2 years ago

A lot of backend customization for B2c and B2B Store. Conntected to a fulfillment contractor and B2C is working more or less automatically.

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